Riley Snyder Obituary, A K-12 Art Teacher & Former Student Of Eastern Illinois University Has Died, St. Illinois

Riley Snyder Obituary, Death Cause – Riley Snyder passed away on April 2, 2024, while he was at home in the comfort of his own house. His death occurred on that day. He was surrounded by his family at the moment of his demise, who were there to offer him support and consolation. Riley’s birth took place in the eastern part of the state of Illinois on September 20th, 1946. He was brought into the world. The year 1946 was the year of his birth. His schooling proceeded at St. Paul’s Catholic School, where he was a student throughout all of the grades. In addition, he completed his education at Eastern Illinois University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. It was there that he attended school from kindergarten all the way through high school. Although he had retired from his role as assistant director at Homeward Bound in 2015, he continued to engage in volunteer work within the recovery community right up to the moment he left. He did this until the moment he left.

This was the work that he had been working up until the moment that he passed away. The services that he provided to Narcotics Anonymous were considerable, and as a result of his aid, a huge number of people were able to make progress on their path toward spiritual recovery. Those who knew him well were aware of his membership in Narcotics Anonymous. The number of countries that Jim visited during that time period was truly astounding. He traveled to a lot of different places. In addition to being able to fix anything that he could find problem with, he was very excited about the process of making things. He was also capable of repairing anything that he could find wrong with. To the best of his knowledge, he never ever encountered a stranger in his entire life.

The Snyder family, which included his brother Mike, his parents Royal and Katie, and his siblings, had already fallen away prior to his own passing. His brother Mike was the only member of the Snyder family to survive. Tina, his wife of forty years, his son Michael Snyder and his wife Amanda Deerfield, his granddaughter Claire, his brothers Charles Snyder and Jerry Snyder and his wife Chris, and his sisters Beth Snyder and Mary Jo Benson and their husband Tom are among the individuals who are grieving his death. Tina is also among the people who are mourning his departure. For a period of forty years, Tina was his wife. Not only is Tina one of the numerous individuals who are grieving his departure, but she is also one of those people.

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