Ömirbek Bäigeldi Obituary, A Member Of The Senate Of Kazakhstan Has Died

Ömirbek Bäigeldi Obituary, Death Cause – Ömirbek Baigeldi, a prominent Kazakh politician, was born on the 15th of April in 1939 and passed away on the 3rd of April in 2024. His Kazakh name is èмірбек БǙйгелді, Ömırbek Baigeldı, which translates to “oemʘrˈbʲekʰ baejɡʲeldɘ.” After serving as the Chair of the Senate of Kazakhstan from 30 January 1996 to 29 November 1999, he was appointed to the position of Deputy Chair of the Senate on December 1, 1999, and remained in that position until December 1, 2005. He was a member of the Senate of Kazakhstan. Earlier in his career, Baigeldi served as Head of the Jambyl Region during the years 1992 to 1995. This leadership role lasted for eight years.

It was at the village of Ernazar, which is located in the Jambyl Region, that Baigeldi made his entrance into the world. Following the completion of his studies at the Kazakh National Agrarian University, he was awarded a degree in animal science in the year 1962. The year 1982 marked the year when Baigeldi graduated from the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union with a degree in political science.

In the years that followed his graduation in 1962, he engaged in a variety of research and practical activities in the field of agriculture and industry management, namely in the areas of organization and management. He contributed to the publication of a number of publications and reports throughout this time period. Baigeldi held the positions of head of the Regional Committee Department, First Secretary of the Kordai District Party Committee, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Jambyl Regional Council of People’s Deputies, and First Secretary of the Jambyl Regional Committee of the QKP between the years 1975 and 1990. He also served as the chairman of the committee that oversees the organization’s executive committee. These posts were all held at the same time or simultaneously.

On February 12, 1992, Baigeldi was appointed to the office of Head of Jambyl Region. This occurred in the year 1992. Not long after that, in October of 1995, he was given the job of advisor to the President of Kazakhstan. This appointment came about really quickly. The election of Baigeldi to the office of Senator from the Jambyl Region took place on December 5, 1995. On January 30, 1996, he was chosen to serve as the Chair of the Jambyl Region committee. It was on December 1, 1999 that he was appointed to the position of Deputy Chair of the Senate, and he continued to serve in that capacity until Muhambet Kopeev took over on December 1, 2005. Baigeldi continued to serve as a senator representing constituents while he was in office until August of 2011. As of the third of April in the year 2024, Omirbek Baigeldi had reached the age of 84 when he passed away.

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