New River Middle School Lockdown Today: Fort Lauderdale School Shelter-in-Place Amid Allegations of Gun on Campus

New River Middle School Lockdown Today – After receiving information that a student on campus was in possession of a firearm, the Fort Lauderdale middle school was placed under lockdown on Wednesday afternoon of that particular day. The information for the report was gathered from New River Middle School, which is located at 3100 Riverland Road. In spite of the fact that the authorities who arrived at the school at 1:11 p.m. went through the student’s belongings, they were unable to find any evidence that the student was in possession of a firearm. A spokesperson for the school district has confirmed that the lockdown has been lifted and that the all clear has been given. This information was provided by the spokesperson.

On the other hand, the police have confirmed that the investigation is still under progress. In the immediate aftermath, there was no subsequent disclosure of any additional information.A magnet school, New River Middle School can be found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is a city that is considered to be of a medium size. There are 1,532 students enrolled at New River Middle School, and the school caters to seventh through eighth graders. The percentage of students who scored at or above the proficient level in mathematics at New River Middle School was 36%, and the percentage of kids who scored at or above that level in reading was 44%.

84% of the school’s student body is comprised of students from underrepresented groups. The ratio of students to teachers is twenty to one, which is a higher number than the district’s ratio. Female students make up 47% of the student population, while male students make up 53% of the student population. Sixty-six percent of the kids at the school come from impoverished backgrounds. We have three full-time school counselors and 75 full-time teachers who are equivalent to full-time positions.

A city located on the southeastern coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is well-known for its beaches and canals that are suitable for boating. A promenade known as “The Strip” may be found running along the coast along highway A1A. It is lined by high-end outdoor restaurants, bars, boutiques, and hotels that are of the highest quality. The International Swimming Hall of Fame, which features pools and a museum of memorabilia, and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, which features trails and a lagoon, are two other attractions that may be found in the areas.

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