Juan Vicente Perez Mora Death, Venezuela World Oldest Man Has Died at 114 After Witnessing 2 World Wars – Cause Of Death

Juan Vicente Perez Moral Obituary, Death Cause – Exactly two months before he would have become 115 years old, the world’s oldest man passed away. However, Juan Vicente Perez Mora, a legendary figure from Venezuela, “transcended into eternity” last night, despite the fact that he had survived two world wars and the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, as reported by The United States Sun.
In May of 2022, the Guinness Book of World Records (GBWR) recognized the long-standing victory of the former farmer, which made him the oldest man still alive at the time.

It is with great regret that he has left behind a large family consisting of eleven devoted children, forty-one grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren, and twelve great-great-grandchildren. The governor of his home state of Tachira, Venezuela, Freddy Bernal, confirmed his passing. Tachira is located in Venezuela. “Our dear Juan Vicente Perez Mora, today with deep sadness and pain we say goodbye to you, to that archetype of a man from Tachira, humble, hard-working, peaceful, and enthusiastic about family and tradition,” Bernal said. “We will miss you deeply.”

In addition, he stated, “We had the pleasure and the pride of meeting him and sharing with his loved ones that we had the opportunity to do together with my wife and our children.” Despite the fact that Juan was born on May 27, 1909, he was able to survive the invention of the television, the mobile phone, and the internet. He was only 51 years old when he got his very first black-and-white photograph taken for his identification card. Not only that, but he was also known by the moniker Tio Juan, which is equivalent to the English word Uncle Juan.

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