John Hickinbotham Obituary, A Member Of King Richard III Visitor Centre Passed Away Peacefully In His Sleep, Portland Dorset

John Hickinbotham Obituary, Death – Yesterday evening, John Hickinbotham passed away peacefully in his sleep. He had just finished his shift of volunteering with us the day before which was the day before. It was the day before that he had started his shift. He had come to see us the day before, which was the day before. Beginning with the previous day, he had been offering support to us in a wide range of diverse settings and situations. His work was uninterrupted during the length of the prior day, and he worked side by side with us throughout the entire day.

In light of the fact that this particular individual has passed away, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest condolences to you and your family throughout this difficult time. The news has left us in a state of profound sadness. Recently, John has been engaging in the activity of volunteering at the King Richard III Visitor Centre. This has been something that he has been doing for a considerable amount of time. He has been providing assistance at that place for a considerable amount of time now. A man who has been working there for a considerable amount of time, he is a man who is committed to his work. Additionally, it is worth noting that he has been a devoted volunteer at both St. Mary de Castro Church and Leicester Cathedral, respectively.

This is an extra point of interest. Every single one of these places may be found within the boundaries of the city of Leicester. It is possible to locate each and every one of these locations within the confines of the city of Leicester. He was an amazing individual, overcoming many challenges to come and volunteer with us and was both enthusiastic and amenable in his portrayal of the complicated story of the life, death and discovery of Richard III to our visitors, he was regularly quoted by visitors in their feedback and positive reviews of their visits to the King Richard III Visitor Centre and will be sadly missed by us all.

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