Edgar Lopez Missing Last Location: 1651 Valencia Ave, Placentia (El Dorado High School), California Help Find Missing Person

Edgar Lopez Missing – It is possible to locate the educational facility at 1651 Valencia Avenue, which is situated in the city of Placentia in the state of California. El Dorado High School is the institution that is being referred to here. The name Eliana “Ellie” Kayleen PEARCE is used to refer to a young lady who goes by the name of Eliana. She has a height of four feet eleven inches, a weight of 105 pounds, and she is either a brother or a grandma. She is five years old, of Caucasian heritage, and she stands and weighs four feet eleven inches. In DR 24-01106, a man called Edgar Lopez was identified as JUVENILE 2. He is characterized as being Hispanic, standing 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing 204 pounds, and being black. He claims to be the victim’s brother. On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at around 2:30 p.m., PEARCE and LOPEZ were last seen leaving the location that was mentioned above on foot in the company of each other. This information was provided by the information that was provided.

The fact that LOPEZ was the victim’s brother was a further insult to injury. At the time of her last known appearance, PEARCE was dressed in a neon mesh blouse that she wore over a black shirt and gray corduroy leggings. At this point, she was not seen by anyone else again. Concurrently, she was wearing a black leather jacket. She was dressed equally. His last known wardrobe was a gray shirt with a horse symbol on it, light blue slacks, black Nike shoes, and a black backpack. His last known outfit was comprised of these items. The last time anyone saw him, he was wearing these goods. It is thought that he, in his last known clothing, wore all of these varied items including the ones listed above. LOPEZ was seen wearing these items the most recent time it was seen, according to the observations that were made.

In the opinion of a member of the PEARCE team, it is probable that she went to either the Huntington Beach or Long Beach locations. This is determined by the judgment of the individual. The friend who was the one who shared this information with us was the one who provided us with this knowledge. It has been reported that PEARCE and LOPEZ had been seen in Brea, California, along Imperial Highway, according to the most recent information that has been obtained. It is situated between the 57 Freeway and Kraemer Boulevard, which is the location of this roadway. The presence of these two people has been established by the documentation.

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