Dick Wilson Obituary, James Pendleton The Lead Pastor At Coastal Life Church Mourn The Passing Of Dick Wilson, Florida

Dick Wilson Obituary, Death Cause – Dick Wilson was finally able to take his departure from this world and enter the presence of Jesus and others who follow him in heaven after he passed away. Over the course of a considerable amount of time, Dick’s service as an Elder at Coastal Life has been a source of immense blessing for the organization. For a substantial amount of time, we have been acquainted with him. He was the first person we have ever met who lived their life in such a way that was more faithful to God than anyone else we have ever met. Dick was the first person we have ever met. We are acquainted with a number of saintly persons, and he is one of them.

We never once heard him complain about the incapacitating condition, despite the fact that he had been suffering from it for forty-eight years since it first appeared. The fact that he had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) himself did not prevent him from being one of the longest living survivors of the disease. To summarize, he solemnly vowed to spend his entire life to serving and adoring Jesus as he lived for him. He made this commitment in the context of his life. A privilege that I have had the opportunity to acquire is the experience of being able to accompany Dick on a mission trip and watch his compassion for other people. I was able to obtain this experience. Over the course of his life, we have seen him strive with everything he possessed in order to be able to rise and raise his hands in applause, despite the fact that this was not possible for him in the most recent few years.

He has been able to do this, but it has been difficult for him to do so. We have found ourselves praying alongside Dick on a number of occasions, listening to the difficulties he encounters when attempting to vocally express himself while simultaneously enjoying the strength of his prayer. As well as this, in spite of the fact that we have made efforts to lead and shepherd our church, we have relied on his spiritual insight in order to appropriately guide us. Dick Wilson is a man who will forever be appreciated by us, and we will be grateful to God for the fact that our lives have intersected with his. My life will be better as a result of his existence, and I will be thankful to God for bringing him into my life. At this moment, we are visualizing Dick in heaven, where he is glorifying our Lord and Savior, the Heavenly Father, by standing, walking, speaking, and singing among other things.

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