Adam Kingsley Obituary, Former Student Of Glens Falls Senior High School Has Died, Hunter, New York

Adam Kingsley Obituary, Death Cause – On the second of April in the year 2024, Adam Kingsley, who had spent his entire life in Hunter, New York and had reached the age of 34, said that he had passed away. He had lived there his entire life. It was on May 4th, 1987 that he was brought into the world by his parents, who were named Najib Abdel Fattah El Dajani and Mary Kathryn Shadduck Karas. His birth took place in Hunter, New York. Najib is the name of his father, and Mary Kathryn is the name of his mother is his mother. The city of Hunter, New York, which he had referred to as his home during his entire existence, was his permanent residence throughout his entire life. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Pittsburgh were two of the educational establishments that he attended during his time as a student to further his education.

During his time in the workforce, he was working in the field of engineering, which he found to be an extremely gratifying vocation. From the beginning of time to the end of time, Adam will be remembered as a person who was kind, amusing, and able to recognize the best in himself as well as in other people. This is something that will leave a lasting impression on people. The inheritance that will be handed down from one generation to the next is contained inside this legacy. Adam went to two different places of worship: the Greater Works Outreach Church in Monroeville and the Abundant Joy Fellowship Church in Tarentum. Both of these churches were located in different parts of the neighborhood. Each of these churches served as places of worship for their faithful. Both of these places of worship can be found within the boundaries of this town of Monroeville.

His stepfather, Steven Michael Karas, his three siblings, Thomas Kingsley Jennings, Robert Kingsley Karas, and Grant Kingsley Karas, all of whom live in Fox Chapel, and his maternal grandparents, Dr. Richard Kingsley Shadduck and Shirley Temple Shadduck, who live in Savannah, Georgia, are all members of his family. His stepfather is also a member of his family. Members of his family include each and every one of these individuals. Additionally, it is true that his stepfather is also his biological father. A woman by the name of Claire Wanis, who was of Egyptian heritage, was the grandmother of the paternal relatives. The individual in question was the grandmother of her husband’s mother. Before his birth, his grandfather Abdel Fattah Dajani, who was also his father’s father, had already died away. He was the only child of his father. The man who was his grandfather’s father was also his own father.

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