Yuri Lemos Torreao Motorcycle Accident, Logan UT 17-Year-Old Boy Killed In A Fatal Crash – Death

Yuri Lemos Torreao Obituary, Death Cause – Family members of the young motorcyclist who was killed in Farr West after he went past an intersection and was struck by a trailer have been identified. The incident occurred after the motorcyclist hit the trailer. During the time when the motorcycle was at an intersection, the collision took place. During the time when the rider was traversing the intersection at the site in question, the event took occurred. According to the Utah Highway Patrol, a Ford F-150 that was pulling a trailer was traveling south on 2000 West at around eleven minutes after eleven o’clock on Tuesday morning. The vehicle was traveling in the direction of southbound traffic. On the other hand, the trailer was moving in the opposite way.

As of that instant, the automobile was traveling in the direction of travel in the southward direction. It would appear, on the basis of the information that was provided by the troopers, that the trailer was involved in a collision with a motorcycle that was traveling in the opposite direction. A green arrow pointed in the direction that the car should head towards 2700 North, which is the left direction. However, the motorbike rider, who was 17 years old, ultimately succumbed to his injuries and passed away as a result of his injuries, according to the UHP. The motorbike rider was transferred to a hospital. While he was contributing to a GoFundMe account, his godmother, Renata Thurgood, used the name Yuri Lemos Torreao to identify him as the one who was making the contribution. The purpose of this action was to facilitate the provision of financial support for the campaign.

In addition, Thurgood mentioned that Yuri was ten days away from being 18 years old, that he had a strong interest in automobiles, and that he had lately been presented with an opportunity to get a scholarship to pursue a career as an instrument technician. Yuri had only recently been awarded the scholarship, which was another thing that they stated. Yuri had only recently been given the scholarship, which was another thing that they mentioned in their statement. According to Thurgood, Yuri placed a considerable amount of value on the time he spent with his friends as well as the activities he attended to in order to maintain his physique and fitness in good shape. Yuri also had a strong commitment to his fitness routine.

Thurgood made the following statement in passing: “Despite the fact that life presented him with a number of challenges, he never failed to wear a smile on his face when he was going through them.” Although KSL.com does not guarantee that the cash that is deposited into the account will be used for the benefit of the individuals who have been recognized as benefit recipients, the firm does guarantee that the funds will be used for the purpose of benefiting those individuals who have been identified as benefit recipients. Should you choose to make any deposits into the account without first consulting with your own advisors, you will be doing so at your own risk. If you do not seek their counsel, you will be putting yourself in danger. This is something that you ought to do before making any deposits, as it is strongly recommended that you do so.

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