Nancy Rivera Obituary, A Master’s Degree Student At Calumet College of St. Josephs Has Died After Fight With Cancer At 37, Chicago, Illinois

Nancy Rivera Obituary, Death Cause – Following a valiant and protracted fight against cancer, Nancy Rivera lost her battle with the disease on March 26, 2024, when she was 37 years old. She was able to pass away peacefully in the environment of her own home, surrounded by her loved ones. God is overjoyed due to the fact that his beloved daughter has returned. On March 13, 1987, Gilberto and Natty Rivera became parents for the first time. Their daughter Nancy was born into this world. In spite of the fact that she had lived her entire childhood in a different location, she ultimately chose to reside in the Mayfair Neighborhood, which is where she was born and raised. After completing her high school education at Lane Tech, Nancy continued her study at Calumet College of St. Josephs, where she got a Master of Arts degree. This was the culmination of her academic journey.

She worked as a police officer for the City of Chicago while she was pursuing her degree. During that period, she was also employed by the Police Department. Nancy occupied the middle position in a family that consisted of five girls. Nia is the largest member of the group, followed by Enid, then Nancy, then Sally, and finally Monica, who is the youngest member of the group. Her nieces and nephews, Jaylani, Brittney, Jessica, and Sarah, as well as her two nephews, John and Julius, were the recipients of Nancy’s undivided attention and affection as an aunt throughout her life. Jupiter, the canine companion who is the most dedicated and affectionate to her, is still a member of the family.

Putting it succinctly, Nancy was not only beautiful but also intelligent and determined. When it came to being a friend, she was reliable and diligent. Through her work, her friendships, and her family, she was able to keep her happiness and sense of fulfillment going strong on a daily basis. During the entirety of her struggle, her friends, family, and the Chicago Police Department provided her with unyielding support. The members of her family would like to express their deepest thanks to all of these individuals for their constant support. When it comes to the impact that you have had, there are no words that can adequately describe it.

Visitation will be held at TOHLE FUNERAL HOME, which is situated at 4325 W. Lawrence Ave., on Monday, April 1st, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and on Tuesday, April 2nd, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Both of these events will take place on the same day. At 10:30 in the morning, there will be a mass held at ST. EDWARD CHURCH, which is located at 4350 W. Sunnyside. This will be followed by a parade to the church.

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