Mo Brings Plenty’s Nephew Missing, Since Easter Cole Brings Plenty Help Locate

Cole Brings Plenty Missing, Cause – Since Easter, Cole Brings Plenty, the nephew of Yellowstone icon Mo Brings Plenty, has not been seen or heard from. The news was relayed on Tuesday by his co-star Cole Hauser, who plays the role of Rip, a rough guy, on the popular series about Montana ranchers that is led by Kevin Costner. Mo’s nephew was last seen on Sunday in Kansas City, Missouri, driving his white Ford Explorer. He was last seen in the city. In the comment that Hauser posted on Instagram, he referred to Mo as his “good friend” and stated that Cole Brings Plenty has gone AWOL.

The last time anyone saw him was on the evening of Easter in Kansas City. In addition, Hauser stated that if anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, they should get in touch with the following or their local police. In addition, Cole Brings Plenty appeared as Pete Plenty Clouds in two episodes of the Yellowstone spinoff series 1923 where he played the role. During the first few months of this year, Cole Brings Plenty appeared on the television series Into the Wild Frontier and The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger.

In addition, Hauser distributed a flyer that featured a photograph of Cole Brings Plenty alongside it. As his uncle Mo, he has long braids, and he is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. Additionally, the author requests that anyone who may have information get in touch with @bellanringsplenty. Cole Brings Plenty was last seen departing Lawrence Kansas South on 59 in Kansas City. This action took place in Kansas City. Route 59 is a roadway that runs from north to south in the United States.

The family has already submitted a report alleging that the individual has gone missing. Mo Brings Plenty, who is 54 years old, is an Oglala Lakota actor who has been on stage, in films, and on television. He is also a traditional drummer and singer. The role of “Mo,” the driver of Rainwater, that he played on the television series Yellowstone is the one that brought him the most fame. In addition to that, he is the coordinator of Native affairs for the program, helping to guarantee that the Native American languages and traditions are accurately portrayed by working with various tribes. His birthplace was the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where he was born.

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