Mary Smith Obituary, Retired Supervisor South Carolina Electric & Gas Has Passed Away, Columbia, South Carolina

Mary Smith Obituary, Death Cause – Mary Ann Smith, who was a beloved wife, sister, aunt, and friend, died away in a calm manner on the evening of March 29. She was 74 years old and lived in Columbia, South Carolina. Ava S. Hudson and William C. Hudson welcomed their daughter Mary Ann into the world on June 26, 1949 in Buckenhof, Germany. During the year 1962, Mary, along with her two siblings, Gloria and Michael, were adopted by William A. Miller, who was the second husband of Mary’s mother. Due to the fact that her father was employed by the United States Agency for International Development, Mary Ann invested a considerable portion of her childhood in other countries, including extended periods in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

While Mary Ann was residing in India, she went to the Lahore International (High) School. It was there that she met John Randolph Smith, who would later become her first husband. After the pair tied the knot in 1968, they moved to Columbia, South Carolina, where Mary Ann would consider to be her home for the rest of her life. At the time of her retirement in 2016, Mary had spent her whole working career with South Carolina Electric & Gas, beginning her career as a programmer in 1972 and worked her way up to the position of supervisor. Outside of her professional life, she found happiness in activities such as skiing, painting, touring the world, and spending time with her family and friends. Her life, as well as the lives of others around her, was enriched by her passion for art and exploration.

After the passing of her spouse of 35 years, Bruce Yeske, in the year 2020, Mary Ann was reunited with her first husband, John Randolph Smith (AIS Class of 1966), who had recently become a widower. The final days of Mary Ann’s life were carried out under his tender care.
Mary is survived by her brothers Michael Lewis Miller and Jerry Miller, her sister-in-law Sharon Miller, her nieces Lauren Miller and Sandy Callesto, her nephews James Callesto and Taylor Miller, and her grand nieces Haley Jones, Kylee Callesto, and Daniel Callesto. She is also survived by her sister-in-law Sharon Miller. Her mother, Ava S. Miller, her husband, Bruce Douglas Yeske, and her sister, Gloria Hellen Mitchell, all passed away before she did. These individuals were her predecessors.

Everyone whose life Mary touched will remember her fondly with fondness. In addition to her boundless capacity for love, she possessed an indomitable spirit, a hilarious sense of humor, and an independent spirit. Mary Ann will be greatly missed by her family and friends, but her legacy will endure in the form of the love and cherished moments that she shared with those who were closest to her. The Lord grant her eternal rest.

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