Joe Flaherty Obituary, ‘SCTV’ and ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Star Has Passed Away At 82 – Cause Of Death

Joe Flaherty Obituary, Death Cause –A veteran actor named Joe Flaherty, who was best known for his roles as Harold Weir on Paul Feig’s Freaks and Geeks and for his role as Jimmy Stewart in the legendary Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV, has passed away. Flaherty was most known for his appearances in both of these shows. It was the year 82 for him. The actor Joel Murray, who played Mad Men, was the first person to announce the news of the loss on X, which was once known as Twitter. He made the following comment: “We’ve lost another of my idols.” A late announcement was made on Monday, April 1st, the day before. God rest Joe Flaherty, who lived from 1941 till 2024. Murray, along with Flaherty, appeared in the film One Crazy Summer, which was released in 1986. Murray’s part was a supporting one.

Another person who expressed their admiration for Joe Flaherty was the actress Jennifer Tilly, who commented on his work by writing, “Joe Flaherty played my dad in “The Wrong Guy.” I couldn’t contain my excitement when I thought I would have the chance to work with him. Every single time, his performance was nothing short of perfect. A stand-up comedian who is second to none. The loss was much too early.”

Following his service in the United States Air Force for a period of four years, Flaherty went on to advance his career in the field of dramatic theater. The 21st of June, 1941 found Flaherty being born in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the aftermath of his time spent serving in the Air Force, he migrated to Chicago and launched his career as a comedian by performing at the Second City Theater in this city.

The years 1973 and 1974 were the ones in which he appeared on the National Lampoon Radio Hour, when he was joined by a number of other artists from the Second City. Immediately following that, he moved to Toronto in order to be of assistance in the formation of the Toronto Second City theater group. In the end, this resulted in his being a member of SCTV, becoming one of the original writers and actors on the show.

Big Jim McBob, Guy Cabellero, Vic Arpeggio, and Count Floyd/Floyd Robertson were just a few of the roles that Flaherty made his debut on during his eight years of participation in the popular sketch show. Flaherty also made his debut on Count Florence Robertson.

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