Jason Crawford Obituary, MultiScape Inc. Lon time Emloyee Has Died – Cause Of Death

Jason Crawford Obituary, Death Cause – Unexpectedly, on Monday, March 25, 2024, Jason Crawford, a resident of West Pittston who had reached the age of 47 at the time of his untimely demise, passed away in the comfort of his own home. She was Elaine Schaller, and he was born on July 11, 1976 in Wilkes-Barre. His mother’s name was Elaine Schaller. The eleventh of December is his big day. In addition, he was Elaine Schaller’s son. He was his offspring.Pitston Area High School was the high school that Jason chose to attend because it was his preferred high school. During the course of his career at Multiscape, Inc. in Pittston, he worked there for a period of time that exceeded 22 years. During that time period, he was working at that location. The excellent sense of humor that Jason possessed and the fact that he was a fan of extreme sports were two of the elements that contributed to his rise to fame during the course of his childhood.

In addition to his brilliance, he possessed good attributes such as kindness and compassion. Because he always put the needs of others ahead of his own, he will be remembered for having a heart that was not only open but also kind. This is because he continually put the needs of others ahead of his own. Those individuals who had the good fortune to have known and loved him will never forget him. The absence of him will be keenly felt by everyone.When Jason goes away, his children, Jayson of Pittston, Matthew of West Pittston, and Hailey of West Pittston, will be the only ones who will remember him. The only people who will remember him are those individuals. There are a number of people who have survived his passing, including his best friend Kelly Crawford, who is also the mother of his children, as well as his sisters Lisa Haddle and Megan Elias, his aunts and uncles, his cousin and best friend Michael Crawford, and his fiancée Amy, as well as a large number of his nieces, nephews, and other relatives.

His grandparents, William and Helen Crawford, as well as his cousin William Crawford, III, had already passed away prior to his birth. He was the only child of his grandparents.A short funeral ceremony will be held at a time and location that is convenient for the family, and we will make the necessary arrangements for it to take place. Contributions in memory of the deceased can be made at any Fidelity Bank location, including the one located at 225 Kennedy Boulevard, Pittston, Pennsylvania 18650, as well as any other Fidelity Bank site. It is recommended that these contributions be sent to the Crawford Children Memorial Fund.Funeral arrangements are handled by Kiesinger Funeral Services, Inc., which is located in Duryea, Texas at 255 McAlpine Street. This company is the one who is responsible for providing funeral arrangements.

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