Eric Bennett Death, Two Victims And One Suspect Dead From A Domestic Violence Involving Shooting, Clio Michigan

Eric Bennett Death Cause –  At this time, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office has provided further information regarding a deadly incident that occurred in Clio earlier this week. The incident occurred earlier this week. A total of three people were killed as a result of this incident, which took place on Tuesday evening. Two victims and one suspect were confirmed dead. At around 7:30 p.m. on the evening of March 26, three deputies from Genesee County and one officer from the Clio Police Department responded to a complaint about domestic violence that involved weapons being discharged at an apartment complex in Clio. The domestic violence incident was said to have occurred at the complex. “There are those moments when deadly force is the only option.” In the role of Sheriff, Christopher Swanson

The Clio Police Department responded to a report of domestic violence that involved bullets being fired on Tuesday evening. The incident was reported to have occurred. In this particular instance, the male victim, Ron Tatro, was 31 years old, and the suspect, Eric Bennett, who is 28 years old, was reportedly involved in a domestic relationship with him. The victim was a man. Tatro is said to have been shot multiple times by Bennett using a shotgun, as stated by Sheriff Swanson. During her investigation of the disturbance, a woman named Kasi Gipe, who was 51 years old and lived in the same apartment complex, was shot by the person who was responsible for the disturbance, according to the statements made by the Sheriff.

The authorities were able to acquire approximately a dozen shotgun shell casings from the actual location where the incident occurred. According to Swanson, the officers who responded to the first report made an effort to de-escalate the situation and convinced the suspect to put down the pistol. They were successful in doing so. You may listen to the audio from the scene that was broadcast by the Sheriff during a press conference. The audio can be found below. In addition to that, the Sheriff played a recording of a 911 call that was made in relation to the incident. The suspect allegedly raised his firearm toward the officers, and in response, the officers replied by using deadly force in order to bring the subject under control. This information was provided by Sheriff Swanson.

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