Ed Piskor Death Notice: ‘Hip Hop Family Tree’ Comic Book Artist Allegedly Committed Suicide after Sexual Misconduct Allegations – Cause Of Death

Ed Piskor Oituary, Death Cause – Ed Piskor, a renowned comic book artist recognized for his contributions to “Hip Hop Family Tree” and “X-Men: Grand Design,” as well as his role as cohost of the YouTube show “Cartoonist Kayfabe,” has sadly gone away on Monday, as confirmed by his family. He was 41 years old. Justine, his sister, conveyed her grief on her Facebook page, stating, “With immense sadness, I inform you that my elder brother, Ed, has tragically passed away today.” We kindly want your prayers for our family throughout this very challenging ordeal, which surpasses any previous hardships we have encountered.

The cause of Piskor’s death has not been revealed to the audience. Nevertheless, before his demise, he published what seemed to be a suicide note on his website. In his remarks, he directly confronted and disproved accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct that had been disclosed to the public only a week earlier. On the weekend of March 24, artist Molly Dwyer, who is currently 21 years old, accused Piskor of attempting to “groom” her when she was 17 years old. She referred to him as “a creep.” As corroborating evidence, she presented screenshots of text messages that she had sent with Piskor during the year 2020. One of the texts contained the following inquiry: “Are you 17 or 18? “I will be greatly upset if you answer 17 because it will be a devastating blow to me at that particular age.”

Shortly thereafter, Molly Wright came forward and alleged that Piskor had solicited her to perform oral sex in return for giving her his phone number. As reported by the Pittsburgh City Paper, an exhibition showcasing Piskor’s artwork was scheduled to commence in April at the 707 Penn Gallery in Pittsburgh. Nevertheless, on March 25, the exhibition was indefinitely postponed upon the public disclosure of the charges. On March 30, Jim Rugg, cohost of “Cartoonist Kayfabe,” publicly announced his choice to end his business relationship with Piskor in a letter. He expressed the need to reassess his professional affiliations in order to ensure that they are in accordance with his ideals of respect and integrity, given the recent startling disclosures of the last week. Considering this, I have chosen to end my professional association with Ed Piskor.

Piskor expressed his powerlessness in the face of such a large crowd in a Facebook post on Monday morning. Please allow me to express my viewpoint on the subject. The text “Sayonara” contains a hyperlink to what seems to be a suicide note, which specifically mentions several individuals close to Piskor by directly addressing them. Furthermore, he directs his attention towards the individuals who have voiced their criticism towards him, especially the women already mentioned. According to his written note, he claimed that the texts he and Dwyer exchanged, which she later uploaded online, were misrepresented due to being taken out of context. Furthermore, he affirmed that he would not have initiated any actions towards her and acknowledged his own foolishness for engaging in conversation with her upon realizing her age. He attributed this behavior, partially, to the sense of isolation he felt during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The individual stated, “I assure you that I am not guilty.” Furthermore, Piskor emphatically denied Wright’s accusations, describing her actions as “borderline criminal,” and expressed his belief that his family should pursue a legal complaint against her. After refuting additional accusations, he asserted that they engaged in sexual relations on two occasions, but emphasized that she was the instigator in both instances.

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