Crest Hill Shooting Today, No injuries, suspect detained after Crest Hill restaurant shootings, causing school lockdown

Crest Hill Shooting Today – As initial reports stated that suspects implicated in the shooting were still at large, the police in the suburban areas of Crest Hill and Joliet are conducting an investigation into a shooting that resulted in a brief lockdown at a school located nearby. An incident of gunfire took place at approximately 1:10 p.m. in the 600 block of Theodore Street, which is located on the boundary between Crest Hill and Joliet, as reported by the authorities. Initial indications indicated that the perpetrators fled the area on foot, according to a post made by the police organization on Facebook.

Police were able to find and apprehend a suspect who was hiding in the surrounding residential area immediately after their arrival at the scene, according to a later update. The police also determined that there were no victims who had been shot upon their arrival at the scene. According to the authorities, officers are still searching for the weapon that was linked to the incident, and it is presently unknown whether any further suspects are still at large. According to the police, Chaney Monge School, which is situated just a few streets to the northwest of the location where the shooting took place, was informed and a “soft lockdown” was implemented as a precautionary measure while the police investigated the incident.

The soft lockdown was lifted at three o’clock, according to an update provided by Chaney Monge School, and the school resumed its regular dismissal schedule. Due to the gunshot that took place in the neighborhood, Merichka’s, which is a restaurant that is situated in the 600 block of Theodore Street, posted on their Facebook page that they would be closing their doors for the remainder of the night. According to the post, neither employees nor customers were involved in the confrontation that resulted in shooting. At the moment, there is no additional information that can be provided.

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