Owen Raedts Obituary, Ottawa Ontario Death – Learn More About Owen Raedts Death

Owen Raedts Obituary, Death Cause – Ross Reid Pays tribute to Owen Raedts. “We must announce the demise of our much loved grandson, Owen Raedts, who lost his fight against depression and took his own life on Thursday, March 28th, one day before he would have turned 21 years old. It is with an exceedingly sad heart that we must make this announcement. This heartbreaking loss has left all of us in utter disbelief; a portion of my heart has been taken away and will never be able to be replaced. The following morning, on his birthday, I penned the following message in a birthday card that he will never read, but I pray that he understood it to be true:

“To our most amazing grandson on his 21st birthday! Your transformation into a man who is always quick with a smile and the first to assist a buddy in need is something that we are really proud of. Your unexpected passing from this world has left us in utter disbelief, and we pray that you will find solace and peace of mind in the next. For as long as we were able to be a part of your life, we count ourselves extremely fortunate.

Make sure you are aware that you are truly loved, and that you will always be, in our hearts and memories forever, and that you are greatly missed! Love (plural) We have Rosie, Kayla, and Nannie and Papa. Oh,  The following are some of our most treasured recollections of Owen, which I have posted for anyone who knew him, knew of him, or had never had the opportunity to meet him.”

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