Markia Hunt Car Accident Florida, Young Mom Dies In Margate Car Crash, Family, Friends Remember

Markia Hunt Car Accident –  At this time, the family of a young mother who was murdered in a car accident in South Florida is begging with the driver to come forward and turn themselves in. A automobile that Markay Hunt, who was 21 years old, was riding in collided with a tree on Monday in Margate, resulting in her death. Her young child was also in the vehicle with her, but he or she managed to survive. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene before the authorities arrived.

A candlelight memorial and balloon release were held at the disaster site on Saturday, inviting Hunt’s family and friends to return to the location of the crash. In his statement, Jermaine Nixon stated, “I do not believe that she deserved to go through the tragedy the way that she did.” “I’m in pain at the moment.” An unfortunate event that has left members of the family looking for solutions.

According to his family, Hunt is brave, loyal, opinionated, and independent to a high degree. Her world revolved on her daughter Keionni. According to the Margate Police Department, Hunt was in a vehicle with three other individuals on Monday, one of them was her daughter, who was one year old at the time. The driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle and collided with a tree close to the intersection of Rock Island Road and Northwest 1st street.

According to the police, Hunt passed away at the scene of the accident, while her daughter and another woman were required to go to the hospital. However, despite the fact that she survived the accident, her daughter, who turned two on Friday, will now have to grow up without her mother. It was Shurkida Smith who made the statement, “She is a good girl who loved her child to death.” “Whoever did this I want them to turn themselves in, a mom lost her child and a child lost her mom and you have to have a heart.”

The family has stated that their attention is now shifting to obtaining justice. When asked about the matter, Hunt’s grandma Kim Kerr stated, “All we want is for the person who was truly responsible for this tragedy in our life to come forward.” “We understand you’re human and you make mistakes but come forward.”

The family has stated that whenever they see the now two-year-old, they remember Markya, and this provides them with some kind of consolation. Additionally, while they continue to nurture her, they will remain committed to sharing memories of her mother with her.

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