Marion Moon Death, Alexandria Living Legend Has Died Unexpectedly – Cause Of Death

Marion Moon Death – Because Marion Moon had just attended Easter Services the day before, her friends were concerned when she did not show up for a meeting this morning. The meeting was scheduled to take place this morning. Despite the fact that she had just attended Easter Services the day before, she continued to do this all the same. The fact that she made the decision to avoid communicating with them was not at all in line with who she is when it comes to personality. Moon’s passing was discovered by a close friend who went to her home in the middle of the night to check on her. It was this friend who eventually discovered that Moon had passed away in a peaceful manner. She had not been in any discomfort in the moments leading up to her passing.

Marion was brought into the world on August 7th, 1941, the year that she was born. At that point in time, she had reached the age of 82 years. In the year 2018, Marion Moon, who had already been a member of the Living Legends of Alexandria, was extended an invitation to become a member of the organization. A self-made woman who had spent her childhood in public housing, Moon was a generous and benevolent leader in Alexandria. She had spent her childhood in public housing. Throughout the city, she was a trailblazer. Additionally, she was the one who took the effort to help other individuals. As a young mother, she was responsible for the upbringing of her two sons on her own while also creating a business that eventually became well-known on a national scale.

The company was known by its previous name, Convention and Tradeshow Freight Specialists. It was a horrible tragedy that both of her children had to pass away at such a young age, as they were the ones who had preceded her in death. With the information that is provided here, you will be able to examine the comprehensive profile of Marion Moon, which was written by Mike Lane. Please take the time to read it so that you can acquire a deeper comprehension of her. Additionally, the biography is archived in a permanent manner on the website of Living Legends of Alexandria, in addition to being archived by the Office of Historic Alexandria. Both of these archives consist of the same information. There will be a distribution of an official obituary to the readers of Zebra as soon as it is able to do so. This obituary will contain information about the services that were performed.

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