Dan Philip Death, Anti-racism Advocate and Founder of the Black Coalition of Quebec Has Passed Away – Cause Of Death

Eduardo Zuleta Obituary, Death – Recent news reports indicate that Dan Philip, who had been the founding president of the Black Coalition of Quebec for a considerable amount of time, has gone away. Over the course of nearly forty years, Philip served as the coalition’s manager until his retirement in the year 2020. He continued to serve as the organization’s honorary president even after he retired from his position from the organization. The website of the organization describes Philip as a “passionate man of action” and describes him as someone who is “characterized by his fight for the disadvantaged, to ensure that justice prevails everywhere at all times.” In addition, the website describes Philip as someone who is “passionate about taking action.”

Philip was well-known for his involvement in such causes as being a major champion for the rights of the Black community and a regular speaker against racism and discrimination. He was also known for his commitment in these issues. Max Stanley Bazin, who is currently serving as president, has stated that “He never completely gave up on the campaign.” According to the statement “He was always present”

According to Marvin Rotrand, a former member of the Montreal City Council who is currently acting as the temporary director of United against Hate Canada, his efforts were crucial in bringing about the desegregation of the cab business in Montreal. Rotrand is currently working in this capacity. He was also successful in convincing the government of Quebec to enhance regulations in order to prevent discrimination in housing, which was another one of his endeavors.

According to Rotrand, in the past, it was common practice for landlords to refuse to rent to tenants of African heritage. This was a common discriminatory practice. The following guidelines, on the other hand, put an end to that practice. According to Rotrand himself, “Quebec has misplaced a really powerful voice for the advancement of civil rights and racial equality.” One of the individuals who was accountable for the transformation that took place in Quebec was Philip.

Philip also made an attempt to create better connections between the Black community and the police force during a period of time when it could have been easy to give up. This was during the time when Philip was in position to retire. In an interview with Global News from the previous year, Mark Henry, the president of the Montreal Jamaican Association, described how Philip continued to maintain his stance despite the fact that the connection between the police and the Black community was at its “worst point.” Henry’s remarks were made in reference to Philip’s decision to go forward with his position.

“It made a great change in the policies and the way that police is operated,” Henry added, referring to the fact that his participation in marches and meetings led to the change. According to Bazin, “He was a source of inspiration,” and he stated that his strength was in his capacity to reach out and make connections, not only inside the Black community but also outside of it. Also, he stated that his ability to do so was his greatest strength. “He would scout out potential allies.”

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