Apex High School Lockdown Wake County NC, April Fools’ Day Hoax Sends Apex High School On Code Red Lockdown

Apex High School Lockdown – At Apex High School on Monday, a fake resulted in a code red lockdown that was very temporary but extremely disruptive. Around nine o’clock in the morning, the school went into a code red lockdown, and it was lifted at nine thirty-three minutes after that. When asked about the lockdown that occurred on April Fool’s Day, a spokeswoman for the town of Apex stated that it was a “hoax” and that there was no threat discovered at the school. When the lockdown was first announced, it was stated that the police were conducting an investigation into a possible threat; however, it was later determined that this statement was not credible.

The greatest level of security alert that can be implemented in Wake County Public Schools is a code red lockdown. No one is permitted to enter or leave the school during a code red lockdown, and all of the kids are required to remain in their classrooms with the doors shut during this time.
Sky 5 flew over the school located at 1501 Laura Duncan Road about 9:30 in the morning. At that time, law enforcement officers were entering and exiting the building. There were at least five police SUVs stationed outside the building.

outside nine thirty in the morning, a queue of parents had already formed outside the front door of the school, despite the fact that parents had been requested not to come to the school to pick up their children. In addition, the line for carpooling was lengthy, with parents waiting inside their vehicles. Students that remained on campus will finish their school day like they normally would.

Apex High School released the following statement:

“We are proud of the manner in which our staff and students responded to the lockdown. We are also grateful to law enforcement and our security team for their swift response. We understand that lockdowns are stressful for students, staff and families, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation. Support is available for any student or staff member who needs additional assistance following this event.”


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