Allen Stanton Obituary, Hardin County Sheriff’s Office Member Has Died – Cause Of Death

Allen Stanton Obituary, Death Cause – A deputy with the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), Allen Stanton, passed died at the UK Medical Center after a protracted period of time during which he was unable to overcome the symptoms of his illness. Stanton had been unable to overcome the consequences of his illness. In accordance with the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) system, his departure took place at 9:33 o’clock today, which is Sunday, March 31, 2024. As a result of his passing, those who were close to him as well as others of the community are experiencing a sense of melancholy.

He committed his entire life to helping the people who lived in Hardin County, beginning with the moment he was diagnosed with his sickness and continuing until the moment he passed away. In addition to having a profound relationship with his family, he was also a very religious person. He had a strong affection for his family. In the lives of those individuals who had the good fortune to have known this man while he was still living, the passing of this individual has created a void that cannot be filled. As a result of his influence as a good Christian man and a friend who has been there for them for a long time, they have been left with an empty space in their lives.

It is with deep regret that we must inform you of the passing of a member of the Horsham County Sheriff’s Office. During this time of sharing this information with you, our hearts are filled with sorrow. At the United Kingdom Medical Center, retired deputy Allen Stanton passed away today after a long and difficult battle with a variety of different ailments. He had been battling these conditions for a long time. Over the course of several years, he had been struggling against these ailments.

The unwavering reliability with which Deputy Stanton served Hardin County persisted until the point at which his illness compelled him to give up his cherished employment. Deputy Stanton served both the county and the county government. Allen, a buddy of mine who was always there for me, was a wonderful Christian man who placed a high value on his family and was there for me through thick and thin regardless of the circumstances. He was always there for me.

We would appreciate it if you would pray for his family and friends, particularly his wife, daughters, step-son, mother, sister, and extended relatives. I ask that you pray for them. The life and legacy of Allen Stanton were marked by a number of characteristics, such as his strong faith, his love for his family and community, and his perseverance in providing assistance to other people. In addition to this, he had a deep commitment to becoming of assistance to other individuals.

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