Afrika “Shookie” Manns Death, Family And Friends Grieves The Passing Of Afrika “Shookie” Manns

Afrika “Shookie” Manns Death –  On March 23, 2024, Afrika Gabrille Manns, who was lovingly known as Shookie, died away. She was a loyal mother, a treasured friend, and a loving daughter. She left behind a legacy of love and kindness. Her parents, Lester and Helen Manns, were overjoyed to welcome their daughter into the world on October 26, 1978, in Decatur, Illinois.

Ever since she was a young child, Afrika has always had a cheerful attitude and an outgoing nature. She possessed a heart loaded with compassion for assisting other people, as well as a laugh that was so infectious that it could light up a whole room. Spending time with her loved ones and friends was one of the things that brought Afrika the most happiness in her life.

One of her favorite things to do was to spend time with the people she cared about, telling jokes and making people laugh wherever she went. Due to the fact that she felt joy in caring for her daughter Courtney as well as the children of other people, Afrika’s caring nature stretched beyond the confines of her own family. Because of her nurturing personality, many people’s lives were changed.

Afrika leaves behind a large number of loved ones who will always appreciate the memory of her mother. Courtney Manns, her cherished daughter, and her parents, Lester and Helen Manns, are the only members of her family to survive her passing. Her loyal brothers, Maurice Manns and Kevin Bond, as well as her nieces and nephews, Cidney Manns, Kamille Manns, Curston Turner, Ty Anthony Manns, DeArise White, Mekal Belcher, EuNique White, and JayCeon White, are also among those who are able to carry on her legacy.

In addition, Africa’s special friends, Renee, Christopher Lowe, and Janet “Cocoa” Hill, as well as her special cousins, Sherita Manns, Tyra Manns, Angie Manns, and Chris Armour, will keep her memory alive in their hearts. A large number of additional cousins, friends, and loved ones whose lives she touched with her warmth and affection are also among those who are left behind after her passing.

Afrika was preceded in death by her brother, Dadrian Lamont, as well as her maternal and paternal grandparents, her nephew, Suave Turner, and a multitude of other precious loved ones who had greeted her as she entered the gates of Heaven. Throughout all of eternity, Afrika Gabrille Manns will be remembered as a lovely mother, a compassionate friend, and a shining example of happiness.

Those individuals who had the good fortune to have known her will continue to be inspired and guided by the legacy of love that she left behind. May her soul rest in peace for all of eternity.

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