William May Obituary, Brewster NY, In Loving Memory Of William May

William May Obituary, Death Cause – Belonging to the May family, William (Ben) May is a retired attorney, civic leader, and former assistant district attorney. The place where William B. May passed away was Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. Renal failure and infection were the causes of May’s death. His birthplace was Schenectady, and he was born on January 22, 1928. In his family, you’d find Maurice and Jeanne Thompson. May relocated to Lockport in 1941 before enlisting in the Air Force during the Korean War; he was a retired attorney.

After finishing high school at Lockport, she went to college for a while before enlisting. Among his many responsibilities while serving in training command was the instruction of military law. He was a professor. May attended the University of Buffalo for his bachelor’s degree and then Cornell University for his Juris Doctorate in 1956. Returning to Lockport, he commenced his legal practice. He started working as a counselor for Henrietta Grigg-Lewis, who founded the Grigg-Lewis Foundation, in 1957 after joining the legal company of Lewis, Symes, and May.

Since its inception in the 1960s, May has served as the foundation’s Director, a role he was nominated to in 2002. After that, he became the executive director. He has served on the boards of directors for numerous organizations, including the Presbyterian Homes Foundation, the First Presbyterian Church of Lockport, the Wyndham Lawn Investment Board, and the Kenan Center, among others. Along with the “Paul Harris Fellowship” from Lockport Rotary International, the “Golden Hammer” Award from Habitat for Humanity, and the Kenan “Volunteer of the Year” Award, he has been awarded with certain significant accolades.

For his service to the community, he has received recognition. Mayor Anne McCaffrey also made May Day a holiday last year in Ben’s honor. May has always had a lot of faith in his community. One thing he truly wanted to do before he retired or died was to see the Cornerstone Ice Rink finished. He was instrumental in shaping the direction of this endeavor.

Following his marriage to Lois Wall, a native of Cortland, they were fortunate to have three children. When May dies, the only person he leaves left is Geri, his wife of 43 years. William A. May, who is married to Lisa, is one of May’s three children; the other two are James R. May of Lockport and Jennifer (Larry) Amatulli of Brewster, New York. Julie Kruszynski and Elizabeth Barnes, who are both married to Peter, have him as a stepfather. Grandpa to fourteen or more grandkids. Beloved brother of the late Sally Alderdice, Howard, Wendel, and Richard May.

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