Maisie Schmidt Death, 4-year-old Strongsville Girl Dies After Experiencing Cold Symptoms

Maisie Schmidt Death – On any given day, it was probably a good bet that you would find Maisie Schmidt, who was four years old at the time, singing along to her favorite musician, Taylor Swift, in her house in Strongsville. While the singer’s Era’s Tour was playing on the television, Maisie would sing along with the songs while holding a toy microphone in her hand.

When she was watching the Eras Tour, she glanced at her mother and said, “I’m going to be famous like her someday,” according to her father, Patric Schmidt. “She said this while she was watching the tour.” In addition to singing, dancing, swimming, roller skating, and playing with her brother Canaan, who was eight years old, Maisie’s favorite activities included roller skating.

Patric remarked that “from the very beginning, she has been very loving, very caring, and very empathic and compassionate.” However, her parents noted that she was unwell rather regularly from a young age onward at the same time. Patric described how, beginning when she was approximately one and a half years old, they would take her to a variety of medical professionals in an effort to attempt to determine what was wrong with her.

“She became ill when she became ill,” she said. She did not behave in a typical manner. We would take her outdoors, and she would be running for five minutes, and she would be breathing heavily, and she would be really red in the face. This behavior did not appear to be typical on the basis of other children her age and everything else. As a result, we were forever bringing her in,” he explained. Despite the fact that she was taking amoxicillin for her illnesses on and off pretty frequently, the medical staff would always tell us to go home and tell us that there was nothing wrong with her.

On the other hand, my mother and I had a different point of view due to the fact that we were observing some symptoms with her. ccording to her mother, Christian Brigadier, “They did not pay any attention to what I had to say.” It was simply that she was sick all the time; I have a lot of notes in my phone trying to figure out what was wrong with her, but we were never able to figure it out. It would have been wonderful if we had.”

Maisie’s parents took her to the urgent care center that week because she was experiencing signs of a cold. She returned home after receiving a negative result for strep, which her brother had lately been diagnosed with. When she awoke the following morning with a severe cough, her parents took her to the emergency department to get medical attention. According to Patric, she became even more ill at that time, throwing up in the emergency room and being put on oxygen. The patient was intubated and finally placed on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) after being moved to the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital at University Hospitals. In the end, we were hoping for the best. According to Patric, “We continued to say that she is going to get better, there is no doubt that she will get better.”

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