Mackenzie Smith Death, Carlisle Woman Killed In fatal Crash In Mad River Twp. crash

Mackenzie Smith Death – A woman who was 33 years old passed away as a result of an accident that took place on Saturday morning in Mad River Twp for the purpose of causing her death. Due to the fact that there was only one vehicle involved in the crash, the woman suffered fatal injuries and ultimately passed away.

Mackenzie L. Smith, who was originally from Carlisle, was recognized as the woman who was involved in the accident based on the evidence that was provided by the Springfield Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol during the inquiry. While the investigation was taking place, the information was gathered.

At approximately 9:56 in the morning, the Oregon State Highway Patrol responded to complaints of a fatal collision that had taken place on Interstate 675 between Interstate 70 and state Route 444. The information that was provided by the state indicates that the state responded to the reports. The highway was the location where the crash was reported to have taken place.

Smith was ejected from the Ford Fusion when she drove it off the left side of the road, crashed with a traffic sign, and then flipped over, which caused her to be flung out of the vehicle. Because of this, she got involved in a crash when she was behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this was the cause of the accident that took place. During the time that it was traveling in the lanes that were heading in the direction of the south, the automobile came to a complete and utter stop.

According to the findings of the investigation, she had not been wearing a safety belt at the time of the collision; consequently, she was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident immediately after the collision. The Ohio State Highway Patrol received assistance from a number of law enforcement agencies that were present at the scene.

These agencies included the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the Mad River Twp. Fire and EMS Department, the Fairborn Fire Department, the Fairborn Police Department, the Clark County Coroner’s Office, and Shield Towing and Recovery. Additionally, Shield Towing and Recovery was present that day.

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