Brian Law Obituary, Longtime Native Of Cambridge, ON, Has Died

Brian Law Obituary, Death Cause  – Unexpectedly and without warning, Brian Law—loved by his wife Mary, “Blaw” by his three sons, and “Bubba” or “Silly Grandpa” by his seven grandchildren—passed away. It is with great sadness that we must break the news to you. In addition to his partner and closest friend Mary, Brian will be deeply missed by his kids Michael (Jenna), Geoffrey (Rebecca), and Andrew (Laura), his brother Peter (Stephanie), nephew William, nieces Jennifer and Amy, and his beloved golden dog Riley.

Emmett, Nixon, Theo, Nolan, Benjamin, and Emily will miss Brian terribly since he loved getting into tickle fights with Grandpa. He continued regardless of his knee or hip problems. Once you got to know Brian, laughing with him became second nature. A heartfelt chuckle escaped him from the diaphragm, and the room resounded with cries of joy. Even from a distance, Brian’s laughter would echo through the house whenever he went out on a canoe or walk.

In 1951, Brian was born to John Robert and Doris May in Montreal. Peter, his younger brother, also known as “Plaw,” came along shortly after. Because to their father’s job, the brothers had to move around a lot, but they became closer as a result of all the experiences they shared. Brian and Peter, in their twilight years, leisurely ascended the rivers of northern Canada. Brian exemplified the values established in him by his father: he was honorable and devoted to his loved ones and the community.

He insisted time and time again that a happy marriage is the key to success. On that score, Brian hit a grand slam. Montreal was the starting point for Brian and Mary’s 55-year romance. True love and friendship led them to tie the knot, creating the ideal marriage that everyone hopes for. For Brian, the greatest happiness in this world came from witnessing Mary’s success. If anyone asked—or even if they didn’t—he would gladly tell them about Mary’s many accomplishments.

As a father, Brian made the ordinary special. Brian would spend evenings playing games with Dad on the living room floor, including Mojave Desert, Bucking Broncos, and Dueling Dozers, among many others. Brian would say we were “kicking around” when we left the house for no apparent purpose, and on weekends we would play hide-and-seek in the woods. After Mary left the house, he would quickly prepare a cake mix from a box, place it in the middle of the kitchen table, and invite the boys to “kill the cake”—a dish-free game.

Brian was an exemplary father figure to his children because he demonstrated a love of learning and an appreciation for nature that would last a lifetime. After graduating from Queen’s University with a law degree, Brian made Cambridge, Ontario his permanent home. In his later years, he was instrumental in establishing Pavey Law LLP. The values of country living were personified by Brian. He was deeply committed to helping his community and had a role in developing a company that maintains close relationships to the region to this day.


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