Alonzo Carter Death, Man Trgically Died In Collision With An Ambulance

Alonzo Carter Death – It was determined that the individual had passed away at the site of the collision that occurred in Aiken County, which included a car driven by a man and the rear of an ambulance. These details were supplied by members of the medical community respectively. The accident was brought about as a result of the collision that took place between the two automobiles that were engaged in the accident. Therefore, the accident was brought about.

According to the Aiken County Coroner, who has disclosed this information at this time, the deceased person has been named as Alonzo Carter, who was twenty years old at the time of his passing. This information was given at this time. The information in question has been made public.

Car driven by Carter crashed with the back of the ambulance at approximately 10:20 p.m. on Saturday night, according to the authorities, who indicated that the collision took place at that time. Saturday night was the time when the accident took place. Augusta road was the name of the road that the ambulance was attempting to turn onto when it was involved in the accident. A turn into Augusta road was something that the ambulance was striving to navigate.

It was determined that he had already departed away as a consequence of the injuries he sustained, as indicated by the information that was accessible at the time of the affair. An inquiry into the occurrence was carried out, and the members of the crew that were on board the ambulance were taken to a nearby hospital in order to receive medical assistance for their injuries and to finish the investigation.

Even though there was no patient in the ambulance at the time, these actions were carried out regardless of the fact that there was no patient there.The inquiry is currently being carried out by the Department of Public Safety, the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, and the Coroner’s Office, all of which are cooperating with one another. Here is a list of the institutions that are currently conducting the investigation that is currently being carried out. Currently, an investigation into this situation is being carried out at this same moment in time.

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