Tim Kusan Death, Leadership Coach For Northside Christian Team Died From An Heart Attack, Columbus Ohio

Tim Kusan Death – Not only was he a godly brother, coach, and mentor, but he was also an admired individual. With heavy hearts and a heavy burden on our shoulders, we must break the news of Tim’s passing. He served God wholeheartedly. Sometime in the middle of Wednesday afternoon, Tim quietly and unexpectedly passed away. His age was a mere 63. It appears that his death was the consequence of a heart attack. After all he has accomplished recently, our shock and bewilderment at his abrupt departure is all the more palpable. Tim was great in every way, but his dedication to coaching was truly extraordinary. His guidance and instruction as a spiritual leader to the Northside Christian team were very remarkable. Just a few weeks ago, his team made an incredible run to the Sweet 16, demonstrating both his great coaching ability and the profound impact he had on each player’s life.

Read this if you’re interested in finding out more about his coaching skills. The award of Coach of the Year was a just reward for his tireless efforts throughout the years, and it served as a fitting tribute to his selfless devotion to his work. His enthusiasm and commitment to the game were acknowledged and appreciated. We ask that you keep Tim’s beloved wife Patti, his daughters Amy, Jessie, and Hope in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time. Tim also has nine grandchildren, plus one more on the way. As our father, brothers Jim, John, and Mike, and sister Susie go through this challenging time of loss and grief, they are also in our prayers and thoughts.

We expect to finalize and transmit the details of the funeral arrangements on Monday. Because of this, Tim’s loved ones will be able to gather to honor his life and pay their respects. Here is an opportunity for us to urge you to reflect on the words of Tim himself. The photo he shared with the world captured his sincere and emotional message, which he will always treasure. Every facet of Timothy’s life betrayed his deep faith and unwavering commitment to God. With love and compassion, he lived each day to fulfill God’s plan for him. Tim’s unwavering commitment to God was demonstrated throughout his life. Beyond his many roles as a brother, friend, and coach, Tim was an inspiration to anyone who knew him; his positive outlook and boundless energy made a lasting impression. Those who were lucky enough to know him will never be the same. The steadfast love, unfaltering faith, and true kindness that he left behind will endure in our hearts forever, and they will guide us through the days to come. In recognition of Tim’s life, we are asking those who knew him well to share the stories and memories that mean the most to them. The people whose lives he affected will be the ones to remember him and keep his legacy alive.

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