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Thomas Collins Obituary, Death Cause – “T.J.” Collins, whose full name is Thomas John Collins, was born on December 26, 1995 in Gurnee, Illinois. All of his instructors and coaches referred to him as a precocious young man who succeeded in practically everything he did. He was known for his exceptional abilities. During his youth, he participated in virtually every sport. Although he would be the first to confess that he was not the most talented athlete, T.J. was the only person who showed a greater understanding of the strategies and tactics that were necessary to succeed. He chose to compete in golf as his varsity sport because he was very interested in the sport.

In addition, T.J. possessed exceptional academic abilities; he was the uncommon natural student who was also a diligent worker. Never content to merely take part in activities, he always took the initiative and was a leader in all he did. As a leader of Illinois Premier Boys State, T.J. was honored with a number of accolades. Subsequently, he was one of the two senators chosen to attend Boys Nation in Washington, District of Columbia. While there, he had the opportunity to meet with a number of important elected people, including the President of the United States. After serving as a post-graduate counselor for the program for a number of years, T.J. felt a great deal of pride in this accomplishment.

Following his graduation from high school, T.J. went on to study law at four different institutions: the United States Military Academy at West Point, Georgetown University, and the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, where he served as an associate editor for the Texas Law Review. In spite of the fact that he had lived in New York and Washington, District of Columbia, he made his way to Texas as quickly as he could. Then, he was successful in persuading the rest of his family to travel to Texas as well.

At the height of the COVID era, while T.J. was in his third year of law school, he pushed his best friend, Weldon Sloan, to start playing golf. Manor, Texas, where there was no indication of COVID whatsoever, was the location where they rehearsed and played numerous times per week. Because of the golf practice, T.J. became an excellent recreational golfer, and golf became his preferred professional interest. This is a testament to the success of the golf practice.

Immediately following his graduation from law school, T.J. began his legal career by joining the Dallas-based law firm of Kirkland & Ellis. There, he worked as a transactional attorney, focusing in mergers and acquisitions. After making a lot of friends at Kirkland, he went on to join the FDLaw firm, which is also located in Dallas and is run by Frederick Dorwart, Lawyers. As T.J. worked at FDLaw, he fell in love with both the work and the people there. Instantaneously, he had the sensation that he had discovered his legitimate residence.

Nevertheless, the most significant event in T.J.’s life occurred when he became acquainted with Ms. Kymerlyn Riley. It didn’t take long for T.J. and Kym to become fast friends, and T.J. eventually succeeded in persuading Kym to change her name to Kym Collins. Canyon Lake, Texas was the location of Kym and T.J.’s wedding, which was just stunning. Kym was the one who was accountable for every single detail that was associated with the magical occasion, and T.J. made sure that everyone was aware of this fact as quickly as possible. The most lovely Golden Retriever, who they named Nyx, was added to Kym and T.J.’s family, and they went on to have a wonderful life together. much while T.J. was proud of his career accomplishments, he was much more proud of Kym, the person he considered to be his very unique soulmate.

T.J.’s grandfathers, Hans Pfendert and Thomas Collins, as well as his grandmother, Mabel Collins, his uncle, Trevor Collins, his grandmother-in-law, Pearlene Higgins, and his grandfather-in-law, McKinley Riley, Jr., all passed away before him. Those left to cherish precious memories and honor his legacy include his loving wife, Kymerlyn Collins; his parents, Edward and Susan Collins; his sister, Kassidy Collins; his grandmother, Gerda Pfendert; his dog, Nyx Collins; his parents-in-law, Kendric and Kimberly Higgins; his sisters-in-law, Kieran Riley and Lilly Higgins; his brother-in-law, Braun Higgins; his grandfather-in-law, Johnnie Higgins; and a host of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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