Susan Kirkpatrick Obituary Colorado, Dylan Ford Former Director Of Bands At Central High School Mourn The Passing Of A Friend Susan

Susan Kirkpatrick Obituary Not Available – Susan Kirkpatrick left in a way that was both unexpected and shockingly sudden. She was 59 years old at the time of her exit. Her leaving caught everyone by surprise. She found herself in a situation that was both unexpected and really quick. She left during the week that just ended after a long and busy life. Because she was such a great person, she should have had many more years ahead of her than she did. She did have a few years left to live, though. Her goals and plans for the future were not well thought out over a long period of time, which was a bad thing. The truth is that she couldn’t get to these years because of things she couldn’t change.

This is the truth. The kids, Aly and Olivia, were lucky to have Susan as their mom. It was good for them to go through this. Not only were they in the color guard, but they were also very involved in the theater. Sue’s mother and father were both very nice people. Besides that, both of her kids were in the color guard and participated in the group’s events. In addition to having a great job as a helper at the Department of Regional Health Services (DRHS), Susan was also a wonderful mom to her kids. All of her kids grew up better because she was in their lives. They admired and loved her and saw her as a great person to follow. That time Dylan Ford worked with them on the show, some of them were still in school. During that time, they were all working together. During the whole time they were together, these two people worked on this project together while they were still in school.

Along with that, he was in the musical group and played in both the marching band and the winter guard ensembles during that time. He was also a part of the winter guard group. To make matters worse, he was taking part in the musical show that is happening right now as you read this. After Susan’s kids graduated from high school, she would always take the time to stop by and see what was going on in the music department where they were registered. When she had the chance, she would do this. This was something she would do when she had the chance. She would think about joining this initiative as a possible next step after her girls’ schooling was over, which is when she would think about it. Still, this trend didn’t start up again until after her girls were done with school. That’s what happened.

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