Sheila French Obituary, A Beloved Resident Of Bloxham Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 87

Sheila French Obituary, Death –  On March 18th, 2024, Sheila passed away peacefully at The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Sheila had given her last breath. It was said that her demise was without any pain. She did not have any difficulties during the whole of her sickness that was reaching its last stage. It is reasonable to assume that she is 87 years old.

These four women, Dawn, Marilyn, Wendy, and Janice, were all extremely fortunate to have her as their mother since she was a fantastic mother. Being their mother was a blessing for her children, and she was grateful for that benefit. She is not only a grandmother to her grandchildren, but she is also a great grandma to her grandchildren because she has sixteen great grandchildren.

Her grandchildren are named Michael, Natasha, Naomi, Laura, Carla, Steven, Heidi, Anna, Ben, and Rosie. Rosie is her fourth granddaughter. Her fourth granddaughter is a girl named Rosie. She is a granny to her great-grandchildren, who are also her grandchildren. Both of them are her grandchildren. Every single individual loved and cherished her, and she took great satisfaction in the fact that she was the owner of her beloved dog, Lucky.

The neighborhood in which she resided held her in high esteem as a valuable asset. Despite the fact that she will be greatly missed by each and every member of her family, they will always cherish the memories they have of her and keep them with them throughout their entire lives.

The funeral service for Sheila is set to take place at the Banbury Crematorium on Wednesday, April 17th, at twelve o’clock noon. The date and time of the event are listed below. The observance of these services is intended to take place. A list that contains the date and time of the event is shown in the following paragraphs.

Participants in the funeral service will have the opportunity to make a donation in Sheila’s memory to either The Dogs Trust or Dementia UK. The donation will be made during the service. Alzheimer’s disease is a problem for both of these groups. Both of these categories are affected by Alzheimer’s disease, which is an issue.

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