Ronnie Metcalf Death, Fire captain dies from life-threatening house fire burns – Cause Of Death

Ronnie Metcalf Obituary, Death – The fire captain was hurt in the house fire that occurred earlier this week, and he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and passed away as a result of his injuries. According to the Lexington Fire Department, it was confirmed on Friday that Firefighter Captain Ronnie Metcalf had gone away at the Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center in Winston-Salem. The hospital is located in Winston-Salem.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Metcalf was responding to a house fire emergency when he acquired burn wounds on sixty percent of his body. These wounds can be considered life-threatening. A few days after he sustained these potentially fatal injuries, Metcalf reportedly passed away, as stated by the officials of the city.

On Tuesday, two minutes after midnight, fire crews were called to a property in response to a fire that had broken out. At the time of their arrival at the scene, firefighters reported witnessing smoke and flames emanating from the rear of the house. Firefighters made an effort to put out the fire as they were on their way inside the structure; however, a short while later, they were given the order to vacate the building due to structural issues.

Additionally, despite the fact that fire men had departed the area, it was reported that a firefighter had gone missing. After reentering the building, search crews eventually found Metcalf. He had been missing for some time. The captain was removed from the apartment and provided with medical assistance for burn injuries by emergency services personnel who were present at the scene of the incident. After getting medical attention, the captain was transported to the medical center via helicopter for further treatment.

Metcalf had been a member of the Lexington Fire Department for a total of 19 years, making him a veteran of the team. Along with being a dad, he was also a husband. In addition to that, he was present at the Hillside Park Baptist Church and participated in its activities. The community has come together in support of Metcalf in an effort to provide financial assistance to his family in the event that they are required to pay for medical expenses. The cause of the fire that broke out in the residence is still being investigated, and the investigation is still moving forward.

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