Peter Kelly Obituary, Northfield, Minnesota Resident Passed Away At His Home

Peter Kelly Obituary Not Available – Peter A. Kelly died on March 25, 2019. He was twenty years old at the time of his death. He had reached the age of twenty before he died. He had already turned twenty years old when he died. He took his last breath in the safety of his own home in Northfield, which is also where he died. That’s where he died. Some of Peter’s relatives who left on the day he was born were his grandparents, Bob and Bette Kelly, his uncle Richard Kelly, and his aunt Sarah Rauchbauer. Peter came from a home with only one child.

This day marks the moment when Peter was born. Peter’s grandparents had him as their only child and never had any others. It was just Peter and his family. His aunt and uncle were also the only kids in their family. To put it another way, Peter was the same as his aunt and uncle. Peter was the only kid his grandparents ever had. They didn’t have any more kids. Peter didn’t have any more kids. Peter was the only kid his grandparents ever had. They never had any more children besides Peter. They didn’t have any more kids after that. During his lifetime, Peter did not have any more children.

Mike and Sharon, his wife Christie, his sons Kellen, Payton, Miles, and August, his daughter Molly, his siblings Michelle, Patrick (Angelic), Joseph (Nicole), Michael (Margaret), and Bridget, his brother and sister-in-law Craig and Sarah Reichel, his mother-in-law Gail Reichel, and his nephews Joshua Kelly and Wyatt Riechel and nieces Catalina and Sara Kelly are some of the people who will miss him very much. Peter’s life was full of love, fun, and good things. All of these things happened in his life. Besides that, he was very interested in music, motorbikes, and buses.

Peter went through all of these things at the same time over the course of his life. There are eight years of work experience in the field of public transportation that this person has gained over the course of his life. He went on to get jobs in Manchester and Liverpool because of his time in South Shields. When his time there was up, he finally went back to completing his work there. It has been planned that the funeral will take place at the Walton Lea Crematorium on March 20 at 14:00. There is still no word on the event’s date and time.

The event has not yet been scheduled, and the time has not been set. Please make your response only to Peter’s close family members. You can honor him by giving money to St. Rocco’s Hospice if you’d like to. Thanks for taking this into account. Friends and family are the only ones who can send flowers to the funeral home, though. If you need to ask anything, please don’t be afraid to contact Houghtons Funeral Directors at Elizabeth House, Station Road, Great Sankey. There, people can find the information they need to get in touch with you.

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