Norman Brouillette Obituary, A Veteran Post Member 7873 Has Died, Pottsboro texas

Norman Brouillette Obituary, Death Cause – Norman Brouillette was a valued veteran and a close friend. We are all here tonight to show how sorry we are for his death. We are here to remember this important occasion, and it is with heavy hearts and deep grief that we do so. Norman suddenly left our lives on Thursday, March 28th, leaving a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. This empty space will never be filled. We are having a hard time accepting the death of such a respected member of our community. But the fond memories we have of him and the legacy he left behind will help us get through this.

Norman was more than just a fellow post member. To everyone who knew him, he was a tower of strength, a fountain of knowledge, and a close friend. He was a part of the job. His death took place on April 15, 2019. His unwavering service to our VFW Post 7873 and his selfless love for our country showed what real patriotism and brotherhood are all about. He really showed both of them. Norman changed the lives of a huge number of people during his many years of work. He left an indelible mark everywhere he went. His work will always be remembered. Whether he was listening to people who were in need, telling stories about his time in the military, or giving advice to younger soldiers, Norman was always willing to help and connect with others. He was willing to help all the time.

We will be having a Celebration of Life event at VFW Post 7873 on Sunday, April 28th, at 1:00 p.m. The address is 250 VFW Drive, Pottsboro, Texas 75076…. It is planned that this memorial service will celebrate Norman’s wonderful life and the good things he did for our community. We will be able to come together, pay our respects, and enjoy the wonderful legacy that our dear friend has left behind at this event. This is what this meeting is for. At the end of the event, we’d like to invite everyone who was there to join us for a chicken-based dinner. To honor Norman’s life and the important effect he had on all of us, we kindly ask that anyone who wants to come bring a side dish to share with us as we celebrate his achievements.

While we meet to remember and honor Norman’s life, let us find comfort in the fact that he will always be in our hearts. His spirit will continue to guide us in the right way, inspire us, and remind us of how important friendship, loyalty, and service are, even if he isn’t here with us in person anymore. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this tough time. The family and friends of Norman are in our thoughts and prayers right now. I hope that the love and support of your friends and family will give you the strength you need in the days to come and that the memories you shared with Norman will give you the peace you need. Norman, you should know that we will always be grateful for the time we got to spend with you, the lessons you taught us about life, and the many lives you changed. Everyone who had the chance to know you will always remember you. This is going to stay the same.

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