Mike Shaw Obituary, Weymouth MA Resident Has Sadly Passed Away – Cause Of Death

Mike Shaw Obituary, Death Cause – On March 25, 2024, Mr. Michael W. Shaw, who had been a resident of Weymouth, passed away. He had been a resident of Weymouth. In 1985, Michael graduated from Weymouth North High School, where he had attended throughout his high school education. He was born in Weymouth, and he continued to reside there until he received his diploma. Michael spent a significant period of time working as a sheet metal worker for Local # 17, with whom he was affiliated. Both of these groups had him working for them. Additionally, he was quite satisfied when he was outside, when he was loving seeing his fellow athletes perform, and when he was enjoying doing all of these things. He found that going to the beach brought him a great deal of pleasure.

Michael was a participant in a number of sports, including golf, softball, baseball, and football, among others. He also played football occasionally. Prior to this, Michael had already been recognized for his contributions to the North Adams Baseball club by being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing and loving him will miss him very much. He will be sorely missed. Having him pass away will be a terrible loss. Kelseigh Rice, who also resides in Stoughton, has a stepfather not just because she is related to Nancy Shaw, who is a resident of Stoughton, but also because she is a relative of Nancy Shaw. Both of his parents, Carolyn M. Sharland and Paul Sharland, are residents of Weymouth. He is the son of his parents. At the same time that he is their stepson, he is the cherished son of Carolyn M. Sharland.

In this case, the individual in question is our brother Kevin Shaw, who resides in Weymouth. In addition to Brooke and Jake Shaw, who are his nieces and nephews, he also has a number of great nieces and nephews who are also members of his family. Leanne Brown, who lives in Maine, and Carolyn and Paul Sharland, both of Weymouth, make up the individual in question’s stepbrother. Other members of the stepbrother include Leanne Brown. Roberta Levesque, who lives in Weymouth, has a close friend who holds a significant degree of importance for her.

Visitors are cordially welcome to pay their respects to the family during the visitation that will take place on Thursday from four to seven o’clock in the evening at the McDonald Keohane Funeral Home in South Weymouth, which is located at 809 Main Street (Rte 18 opposite So. Shore Hospital). The visitation will take place on Thursday. Thursday will be the day that the visitation will take place. The visitation will be followed by a prayer session that will begin at seven o’clock. This will take place following the visitation.

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