Matt Bolton Obituary NZ, Famous Auckland Goat Farmer and Founder Of Oete Goat Farm Has Died Following Battle With Cardiac Attack – Cause Of Death

Matt Bolton Obituary, Death Cause – Oete Goat Farm was established by Matt Bolton, who was a well-known goat farmer in Auckland, New Zealand. He was also the founder of the farm. People had the impression that he had a warm and welcoming attitude. He was lauded for his successful goat farming operation, which consisted of two farms, Oete Farm and Oakdale Farm, which collectively raised over 5,700 goats for the purpose of milk production.

During the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, Bolton and his wife, Sarah, were honored as the Auckland Regional Supreme Winners for their innovative and environmentally responsible approach to farming because of their commitment to sustainability. On April 21, 2023, it was reported that New Zealander Matt Bolton passed away as a result of a cardiac attack. His passing was warmly remembered by a large number of individuals, who expressed their condolences to his family and shared tributes posted on the internet.

The operations of Oete Goat Farm, which Bolton founded and grew into one of the most successful goat farms in the country, ensure that Bolton’s legacy as a goat farmer in New Zealand will continue to be carried on. This farm has earned a reputation for producing high-quality results and adhering to stringent animal health standards.

In conclusion, Matt Bolton was a character in the New Zealand goat farming community who was revered and cherished by those in the industry. An event that occurred in the heart caused Matt Bolton, who was a well-known goat farmer in Auckland and the founder of Oete Goat Farm, to pass away last week. The Hyundai Country Calendar Page states that Matt passed away as a result of a heart attack during his lifetime.

In addition to being a director of the well-known Oete Goat Farm, which was the largest goat farm in New Zealand, he was also known for having a kind and welcoming demeanor. For the past seven years, the company has been producing high-quality goods with an emphasis on sustainability, inventiveness, and a stringent standard of animal welfare.

As far as the development of their two estates, Oete Farm and Oakdale Farm, is concerned, Matt and his wife Sarah have made significant progress. The two farms, which are managed as a single organization, are responsible for the production of around 5,700 goats for milk. here was a memorial ceremony held for Matt on April 26, 2023, and it was held at the Beauchamp Funeral Home in Palmerston North.

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