Lockdown Lifted Of Bucknell University Lewisburg PA Lockdown, Active Shooter

Bucknell University Lewisburg PA Lockdown, Cause  – The lockdown that was implemented at Bucknell University on Friday night in response to a report of an active shooter was a fake, according to officials at the educational institution. The hoax was responsible for the lockdown. According to Mike Ferlazzo, who serves as the Director of Media Relations at the University, the Pennsylvania State Police conducted an investigation and came to the conclusion that the incident was a hoax. “The call was determined to be a hoax coordinated out of Virginia, according to an investigation by state police,” Ferlazzo stated to reporters. “The information was obtained from the investigation.”

There was a notification that was sent out to students and professors, and the university also released a notification on its account on Facebook. Both of these notifications alerted the students and teachers that there was an active shooter. Information obtained from sources indicates that Bucknell Public Safety is now responding to a scenario involving an active shooter. On campus, there is a lockdown in effect. “Until further notice, all students, employees, and visitors are instructed to remain in their current location and remain in shelter,” according to the safety alert.

Students who were unable to access the campus during the crisis were instructed to seek sanctuary in Lewisburg, which is located outside of campus. This directive was for those students who were unable to enter the campus. At around forty-five minutes after the initial warning was given, the institution released a campus-wide notice to let everyone know about the situation. In the alert, it was claimed that the public safety agency had reached the conclusion that the emergency situation had been handled, following which the lockdown had been released.

Campus safety was reportedly involved in the investigation by both local and state police, as indicated by public 911 radio transmissions concerning the matter. On its Facebook page, the organization shows its appreciation to individuals who are employed in the fields of public safety and emergency response for their contributions. Both the Line Mountain Middle School and the Line Mountain High School were affected by the same incident that took place in February of 2019. An individual who remained nameless made a threat to them that there will be a shooting at the school before three o’clock in the afternoon. The district, along with the neighboring districts of Shikellamy, Shamokin, and Mount Carmel, likewise went into lockdown mode. Lockdowns were implemented by the district. After conducting an investigation, state police found out that the incident was a swatting action that had its roots in the state of Indiana.

Sweating is a form of harassment that occurs when an anonymous threat is sent, such as a threat of a bomb or a shooting, and law enforcement responds in big numbers without being accused of the danger. Sweating is a type of harassment that occurs when law enforcement responds in large numbers. Such circumstances put a pressure on the resources that are available in the local area.

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