Lisa Dome Death, A Cherished Soul Has Accidentally Passed Away

Lisa Dome  Death – Weylen’s favorite song was “Islander” by the Derina Harvey Band, and she was looking absolutely lovely at the age of nine. The song was performed by the band. As unrestrained as the breeze and the waves that wash the shore, my freedom is unrestricted. I would not choose to be in any other place besides here in Newfoundland; there is no other place I would enjoy being in. They were both slain in a horrible car accident that occurred on Thursday afternoon. Weylen and her grandmother, Lisa, were both dead. We are sorry to inform you that both of them have died away. It is with a great deal of sorrow and a very heavy heart that we carry this information to you.

It is a pity that Weylen was taken from this life much too soon rather than sooner. In addition to being a kind and caring young lady, she possessed one of the most beautiful souls that our world has ever seen. She was a young lady. Horses were Wey’s favorite companions, despite the fact that she had a profound affection for all kinds of animals. In addition to that, she had a strong interest in arts and crafts, and her creative abilities were just beginning to show themselves.

She was loved fiercely by everyone in her life, but especially by her own mother. The amount of love that Wey had for her mother was beyond anything that could ever be stated in words. She was loved by her mother more than anybody else in her life. Her soul was so beautiful, gentle, and passionate, and we are going to miss it terribly because of all of these qualities. Because of her demise, we have been left with a void in our hearts that can never be filled.

The Animal Clinic at New Lenox is Emily’s place of employment, and in addition to being Weylen’s mother, she is also a veterinary technician there. Our group at the clinic considers ourselves to be a family, and we are making preparations to raise some funds in order to provide Emily with any type of assistance that she might require in order to make it through this extremely difficult time. It would be very appreciated if you could give Emily your consideration in light of this incomprehensible loss, if you are able to do so.

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