Les Twentyman Death, The Founder Of Les Twentyman Foundation and Melbourne Worker Has Died

Les Twentyman Death – Tributes are being paid to Les Twentyman, a social justice activist and youth activist from Melbourne who passed away at the age of 76. Twentyman was described as “larger than life.” In addition to being a staunch supporter of the western suburbs of Melbourne, the Les Twentyman Foundation provided assistance to thousands of young people who were disadvantaged through various educational and outreach programs. Twentyman’s passing was confirmed on Saturday morning by a representative of the foundation, who stated that he would be deeply missed by the organization.

In the statement, it was stated that “Les inspired us all with his lifelong dedication to helping those in need,” and that “his profound contribution to our community has positively changed the lives of thousands of young Victorians and their families.” “Throughout his life, Les was never hesitant to say what needed to be said. He gave a voice to people who did not have one. He leaves behind a legacy of helping those who are disadvantaged and those who are in need, which will ensure that his amazing life is remembered for a very long time.

During this most trying time, we think of, love, and pray for Les’s wife, Cherie, and his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. The Chief Executive Officer of the Les Twentyman Foundation, Paul Burke, stated that the 76-year-old was still “working the phones” to locate shoes and clothing for a single father in the hours leading up to his passing.

Burke remarked, “It has been a great shock today; it was only yesterday that Les was looking for shoes and clothes for a family in need and talking about flying to the United States for filming of a documentary he had been working on.” Burke was referring to the fact that Les had been looking for these things. “Les was a remarkable individual who was larger than life… We are going to carry on his work of assisting young people in achieving a better future, and we are going to make sure that his passing will not be the end of his legacy. Twentyman was the oldest of five children of Braybrook, where he was raised. His mother and father owned and operated a fruit shop.

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