Leah Walsh Death, The Complicated Murder Of Leah Hirschel And Her Husband’s Cover-Up

Leah Walsh Death – Bill Walsh murdered Leah Hirschel in 2008. Walsh covered up her terrible murder, one of Long Island’s worst crimes. Hirschel’s parents spoke out for the first time in an exclusive News 12 interview before her killer’s release. Hirschel, Rockville Centre special education teacher, was lively and loved. She excelled at violin, soccer, and school as a child. “She was just fun to be around,” Leah’s mother, Mattie Hirschel, recalled. She was clownish. All opened up. I miss “I know mom, I know, I know” when I warn her to be careful. She was fun. Her absence is great.” Hirschel wanted much from a little town. UMass gave her marketing and communications degrees. Her close classmate spoke consciously. Howard Hirschel, her father, chuckled and claimed she was good at time management and never missed an exam, paper, or party. She liked everything. “She never did anything half.”
All around Hirschel predicted triumph. She started her work with a small marketing agency after college. She met Bill Walsh. Right after dating professionally, they were serious. Four years of dating culminated to their July 2005 wedding. Hirschel’s parents didn’t notice the young couple’s awful relationship. Howard claimed, “He was playing around, and she was going to confront him.She got a log of his calls and realized he was joking because the phones were in her name. We missed it.” On Oct. 26, 2008, Hirschel approached Walsh with evidence of her husband’s adultery after his return from Atlantic City. They battled verbally. Former Nassau County Police Capt. John Azzata said they fought and collapsed with his arm around her neck. He saw she was dead.
Walsh faked Hirschel’s murder and abduction. He spent hours finding an alibi while leaving his wife in their apartment. Walsh visited McDonald’s, the gym, and the laundromat. From her phone, he sent himself and others bogus Hirschel SMS. Walsh left Hirschel’s body in waste bags in a forest near the Long Island Expressway in North Hills at night. He abandoned her automobile on the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway after puncturing the front passenger tire.
“There were many ways to fix this without killing the person you swore to protect forever. Walsh’s judge, David Ayres, disagreed. Leah’s fourth-grade school informed the Hirschels the next morning she hadn’t worked. Howard Hirschel tried thousands of times to reach his daughter.
School bus driver Howard Hirschel. While driving a school bus that afternoon, he saw his daughter’s automobile abandoned on the highway. This time, Bill Walsh was called. Walsh hosted family, police, and the public. He submitted fake safety requests to media and circulated Leah Hirschel picture fliers.
Police uncovered Leah Hirschel’s body 15 kilometers from Bethpage in the woods after three days. “When the detectives came to the door, everything just drained out of me,” Mattie Hirschel recalled. “I couldn’t scream. No tears because I said it couldn’t be. She’s away. It’s not her. Actually, she was.”
Walsh was arrested for his elaborate cover-up. After she left her car and went to their flat, he saw her food in the fridge the next day.
Walsh lunched in her car to look productive. This time, no retreat. “He drove back,” Ayres said. His yellow taxicab Mustang muscle car was loud and obvious. Passing by is obvious.” Luckily, someone saw the automobile. A New York state worker saw Leah Hirschel’s automobile on the freeway before daybreak. He stopped to help and saw a man jump into a yellow Mustang and drive away. Police questioned Walsh again. He confessed to killing his wife after hours of detective questioning. Walsh admitted second-degree wife murder in 2010. He received an 18-to-life sentence for murdering Leah Hirschel.
In two years, Walsh, 48, can request parole.
Imagine Mattie Hirschel waking up daily. Howard Hirschel and Josh worry every morning about their daughter, who was brutally murdered by a relative. “A person they adopted,” Ayres said. How about “What day is it today?” When must we convince the parole board to keep this monster in prison? New York requires Walsh to have parole hearings every two years or fewer if denied. “No sooner do you get over it, you have to start all over again, which is nerve-racking,” Mattie remarked. Very few sympathize with survivors. Leah Hirschel continues to influence Tiegerman School developmental fourth graders. Her memorial tree was erected by the school. Her former classroom has a recognition plaque outside the door.

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