Kevan Stevens Obituary, Former Player At Roche Brass Has Passed Away

Kevan Stevens Obituary, Death Cause – In the year 2024, Kevin L. Stevens passed away on March 30. A. Hesperia After a three-year battle with lung cancer, Kevin Louis Stevens passed away on March 30, 2024, tranquilly at home in Roche, United Kingdom. He had been battling the disease alone. Clair A. Stevens and Rosalie E. (Chase) Stevens welcomed their son Kevin into the world in the year 1952 in Muskegon, Michigan. It was during his time at Hesperia High School that he participated in the band as a tenor saxophone player and on the football team as a defensive end. He enjoyed both of these activities. After receiving his diploma in 1971, he immediately entered in the Army and served for a period of three years with the 42nd Maintenance Company who were stationed in Germany.

Over the course of forty years, he was employed by L3 Technologies Combat Propulsion Systems as a machinist. Additionally, he was a member of the United Automobile Workers Local 113, where he served as a union steward and was a member of the bargaining committee. In 2017, he took his retirement from the company. And the years that Kevin spent taking care of David Nadjkovic offered him a great deal of happiness. Kevin’s children from his marriage to Karla Gleason, Jeremy, Faune, Amber, and Autumn, brought him a great deal of happiness. His stepchildren, Dominick and Mercedes Varela, who were born to him after his second marriage to Kimberly Stevens, brought him the same amount of joy as his own children. Spending time with his family and friends, particularly over a delicious cup of coffee, was something he enjoyed doing.

He also took great pleasure in making other people laugh with a well-crafted joke. The activities of hunting, fishing, gardening, and keeping his chickens, whom he affectionately referred to as his daughters, brought him a great deal of pleasure. He also enjoyed gardening, movies, and music. The moments when he would use his huge music collection to play Name that Tune, the Spaghetti Saturdays when his family would congregate at his house to watch movies and share a meal, and the nightly Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy competitions that he shared with them are the ones that stand out as particularly memorable. To many people, he served as a father figure, a friend, and a mentor. Kevin also cherished the time he spent in Las Vegas, Nevada, on a yearly basis. In addition to traveling throughout the United States with friends on road trips, whether it was to the west to visit national parks or to Missouri to experience the 100 mile yard sales, I also enjoyed traveling across the country.

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