Jason Crawford Obituary, An Employee Of Multiscape Inc. Pittston Passed Away Unexpectedly, West Pittston PA

Jason Crawford Obituary, Death Cause – A death that was not expected to take place took place at the residence of Jason Crawford, a resident of West Pittston who was 47 years old, on the morning of March 25, 2024. Unfortunately, the reason of death was unknown. This particular person was born on the eleventh of July in the year 1976 in the city of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. His mother’s name was Elaine Schaller, and he was her son. Throughout his life, his mother was known by the name Elaine Schaller, and she was his very first mother. Following his graduation from Pittston Area High School, Jason worked for Multiscape Inc. in Pittston, where he was employed for more than 22 years over the course of his career. During this time, he was awarded the title of “Multiscape Inc.” It was during this period that he was able to lay a solid groundwork for the successful continuation of his professional life.

By saying that Jason was a sports fanatic to the utmost extent possible, it would be an understatement to suggest that he was a sports fanatic. In addition to this, he was well-known for having a sense of humor that was actually quite entertaining. In addition to his exceptional intelligence, he possessed admirable qualities such as compassion and generosity throughout his life. The fact that he never failed to prioritize the requirements of others over his own will ensure that he is remembered for having a heart that was not just generous but also compassionate. This is due to the fact that he always prioritized the requirements of others over his own wishes. Those folks who were fortunate enough to have known and loved him will never forget him regardless of how long they live. Everyone is going to miss him. His absence is going to be strongly felt.

His children, Jayson, who resides in Pittston, Matthew, who resides in West Pittston, and Hailey, who resides in West Pittston, as well as his companion and mother of his children, Kelly Crawford; his sisters, Lisa Haddle and Megan Elias; his aunts and uncles; his cousin and best friend, Michael Crawford, and his fiancée, Amy; and a large number of nieces, nephews, and cousins are among those who are also left behind. Before he was born, his grandparents, William and Helen Crawford, as well as his cousin, William Crawford III, had already passed away. Both of his grandparents had been deceased. His first cousin, William Crawford III, was also named William Crawford. There was also the fact that his cousin had passed away.

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