David Hicks Obituary (2024), Robbinsville, NC Learn More About David Hicks Death – Cause Of Death

David Hicks Obituary, Death Cause – David’s valiant battle against cancer was ultimately futile, and he passed away on March 25, 2024. His passing occurred on a Monday. After successfully overcoming the sickness, he went to be with the Lord and lived with him on the other side. Among those who are still alive after his passing are his children Faith (who is married to Tim), Noah (who is married to Whitney), Nathan, and Robin, as well as his nieces and nephews. Jill, his wife of 53 years, is also one of the people who will follow him after his passing. The opportunity to become Lydia and Alexander’s Pappy was the thing that he was most enthusiastic about when he became a grandfather to them eight years ago. He was most excited about the possibility to become their Pappy.

In the year 1947, David was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on the 25th of June. There is a city in the state of Florida that is located here. As a result of the fact that he had served in the Vietnam War, he was a fervent supporter of ways of conflict resolution that did not involve the use of violence. It was in the early 1980s when he embarked on the journey to Canada with his girlfriend, Jill. He was employed as a teacher and counselor at the School for the Deaf in Vancouver and Milton, where he spent the majority of his time.

David’s job responsibilities included both teaching and counseling. His link to his beginnings was maintained by his communication with his Deaf parents, Todd and Pauline Hicks. This allowed him to maintain his connection to his roots. During the years that David worked for Mennonite Disaster Services, he was personally responsible for the construction and restoration of homes in New Orleans and the Florida panhandle in the aftermath of the damage that was caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Following the hurricane, these houses were situated in the aftermath of the storm. During the course of his journey, he rode his bicycle across the entirety of southern Ontario, into upper New York, and all the way around the Great Lakes. He logged a seemingly limitless number of kilometers along the route. His trip to Faith, which was located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was undoubtedly the longest ride he had ever experienced up until that point in time. Nobody else will ever be able to create a painting that looks like him.

It is with deep respect that we appreciate you, Pappy. St. George’s Anglican Church, which is located in Burlington at 4691 Palladium Way, will be the location of the viewing that will take place on Thursday, March 28, 2024, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. On the Saturday, March 30, 2024, at eleven o’clock in the morning, there will be a Memorial ceremony celebrated, and the ceremony will come before the viewing. David asked that donations be made to Mennonite Disaster Services (MDS) and Micah House in Hamilton rather than sending flowers with his condolences. Our appreciation for your donation is heartfelt. The locations of both of these organizations can be found inside the city of Hamilton.

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