Daniel Thrower Death, 27, Man Tragically Died In A Crash

Daniel Thrower Death –  Daniel Uriah Thrower, a resident of El Sobrante, was identified as the individual who suffered an unanticipated loss as a consequence of an incident that took place on Interstate Highway 880 in Fremont on Saturday. This information was uncovered after it was revealed that the occurrence occurred. It was on Saturday that the incident took place. Thrower had reached the age of 27 at the time of his passing; he had reached that age at the time of his passing.

In the first place, the identification was done by the Alameda County Coroner, who was the individual who was accountable for making the conclusion. Important information from the editor: it was previously reported that the victim was a female at the time of the incident. This information is currently being updated. At the moment, this information is being brought up to date. This information is currently being brought up to date here at this very moment.

Thrower was operating a white Ford Taurus automobile while traveling on Interstate 880 in the direction of traffic heading in the southbound direction. Just as he was about to leave, the accident took place. That which the vehicle was traveling was situated a little distance to the north of the Decoto Road west on-ramp from the direction in which it was traveling.

An collision involving a blue Prius occurred at 8:40 p.m., and it was immediately before he collided with an embankment that he was involved in. He was involved in the accident. There was a collision that he was engaged in. The conclusion that Thrower had passed away at the scene of the occurrence, which was the location where the incident took place, was reached by a medical examiner after taking into consideration the evidence.

It has been reported by the California Highway Patrol that the second driver who was engaged in the collision did not sustain any injuries. Furthermore, none of the vehicles that were involved in the accident included any passengers at the time that they were involved in the accident. This data was supplied by the California Highway Patrol. At this time, the California Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into the collision that resulted in the deaths of all of the individuals who were engaged in the incident.

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