Colin Marma Missing, Garrison NY Man Found Dead Near Rockaway Beach – Cause Of Death

Colin Marma Death, Missing Found Dead – A man from Garrison who had been missing since February was found dead off the coast of Rockaway Beach on Wednesday morning. The identification of the deceased man was made public. The terrible circumstance that his family had been conducting for him putting a stop to the hunt that they had been conducting for him. Colin Albert Marma, who was 26 years old at the time, was found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rockaway Beach in Queens at approximately 9:08 a.m. on March 27. The information that was provided by his mother, Jeanne-Marie Fleming, indicates that he was found in the ocean. According to her, a bystander found him and reported it to the authorities immediately after discovering him.

She said about the circumstance, “It’s really sad for all of us,” and she was right. “It’s been very hard on the family to process all of this.” Marma was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, both of which he had been coping with for close to four years at the time of the diagnosis, according to Fleming. Marma had dealt with both of these conditions for a considerable amount of time. According to her, the last time his family saw him was at his place of employment, which was also the place where his stepfather, Roland Heitmann, worked. This was the last time his family saw him.

“That morning, Roland just knew something didn’t seem quite right with Colin in the morning,” Fleming revealed to the media. “It was at that moment that Roland realized” “He seemed a little bit agitated, as if he was emotionally wrestling with the day ahead.” Fleming claims that Marma drove down to his place of business, left, and then returned for an hour before he disappeared. Marma then vanished.

“We were pretty convinced something was going on when he didn’t come home Friday,” she told me as she explained it. It was impossible for anyone to acquire him. Every single one of his friends, his father, and his brothers were not included in this scenario. It was eventually found at the intersection of 143rd Street and Broadway in the Hamilton Heights district of Manhattan that evening, as stated by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. The Mercedes-Benz, which was manufactured in 2004, was found there. The last time that Marma was seen was when he made a purchase at Blessed Bar and Kitchen, where he only purchased one drink. This is the information that the police have provided.

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