Chris Peterson Obituary, St. Louis MO Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

Chris Peterson Obituary,Death Cause – Chris was welcomed into the world by his parents. Chris committed his entire life to serving his country, his loved ones, and the activities that he enjoyed. Chris’s education at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah, where he attended throughout his formative years, had a significant influence on his development. After completing his high school education, he went on to further his education at Dixie College, which is located close to St. George, Utah. Subsequently, he pursued an amazing career in the military.

Chris served his country for the better part of three decades after entering in the United States Army in 1990. He finally rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant colonel in 2016. During his tenure in the military, Chris exemplified the qualities of bravery, dedication, and honor among his fellow service members. During his deployments, which took him all over the world, including Iraq during the Iraq Freedom War in Baghdad in 2007, he served in stations in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, South Korea, and other exotic locales. He also served in Iraq. Through his service to not only his fellow soldiers but also the Iraqi civilians in the area, he demonstrated the qualities of kindness and compassion.

The efforts that Chris made to lessen the number of suicides among veterans and members of the military were a clear demonstration of his unwavering dedication to his fellow service members. “Be a citizen someone is willing to fight for.” Everyone who knew him held him in high esteem and appreciated him for the relentless efforts he made to bring attention to mental health concerns and to offer assistance to those who needed it. Chris was a devoted soldier and a family man who cherished his family.

The love and resiliency that he demonstrated in his relationships were the defining characteristics of his character. With unwavering love and dedication, he showered his stepson Alex and daughter Reagan with doting attention and affection. Despite the fact that Chris had to endure the death of Janette and other loved ones, his capacity to love and care for other people remained unshaken in the face of hardship. Chris’s spirit of adventure recognized no limitations, even beyond the commitments he had to fulfill in the military.

Cycling, camping, hunting, fishing, and jogging were some of his favorite activities, and he found a great deal of joy and tranquility in participating in sporting events, particularly baseball. The people who were closest to him were mesmerized by his inexhaustible energy and his zest for the adventures that life had to offer. Not only will those who were close to Chris be mourning his passing, but on July 29, 2023, they will also be honoring his life in Westmore Park, which is located in Orem, Utah. The stories that were told, the laughter that resounded, and the experiences that were shared will be the things that people remember most about his influence.

Even though Chris’s physical death has left his loved ones in a state of utter devastation, his legacy will live on in the memories of all those people whose lives he touched via his compassion, generosity, and unyielding quest of social justice till the end of time. In commemoration of the life that was so completely filled with love, purpose, and passion, the family would like that people not bring flowers but rather written recollections to put to a memory book. This would be in honor of the life that was lived. As we say our final goodbyes, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the service, devotion, and enduring legacy that LTC Christopher Gerald Peterson has left behind. The legacy he leaves behind will motivate future generations. ZERO SHARES

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