Billie Lipsitz Obituary, Family & Friends Mourn The Passing Of Billie Lipsitz

Billie Lipsitz Obituary, Death Cause – The disease that William Lipsitz was facing ultimately proved to be too much for him to manage, and he passed away on March 30, 2024 in Marietta, Georgia. He had been surrounded by his family and friends. He had been struggling with this disease for a considerable amount of time. Although he had already attained the age of seventy years when he passed away, he had already achieved that age. During his lifespan, he had already reached the age of seventy years at the time he passed away. He had spent his entire life. Among the members of his family who have continued on after his passing through the generations are his wife, Lynne Lipsitz, his daughter, Carly Blaiss-Haynes, his son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Emma Lipsitz, and his brother, David Lipsitz.

His family has been passed down from generation to generation. These individuals, both male and female, are mentioned, to name just a few individuals. In the aftermath of his passing, there are other members of his family who have continued living their lives as if nothing had occurred. At one o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, April 1, 2024, funeral services are going to be held at Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care. The date and time of the ceremonies have not yet been determined. There has been no decision made on the time or date of the funeral services as of yet. Neither the time nor the date of the funeral services have been decided upon as of yet. There has been no decision taken.

The choice that was made was taken into consideration while the process of arriving at this decision was being carried out. Rabbi Joshua Heller, who will serve as the religious leader who is in charge of the event, will also function as the person in command of the occasion. This is an additional point of interest that should be mentioned. Additionally, he will be the person in charge of taking charge of the event by serving as the individual in charge. Immediately following the conclusion of the funeral ceremonies, the burial will take place at the hour that has been decided upon in North Atlanta Memorial Park. This will take place once the funeral services have concluded. The occurrence of this will take place and take place immediately after the conclusion of the funeral services.

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