Arthur North Obituary, Longtime Resident Of Little Falls Has Peacefully Transitioned At Age 95

Arthur North Obituary, Death –  At the age of 95, Mr. Arthur Louis North, who had lived in Little Falls for a very long time, died away in a calm and serene manner on Monday evening, March 25, 2024, at Alpine Nursing and Rehab, which is located in Little Falls. John and Loretta North welcomed their only child, Arthur North, into the world on December 15, 1928 in the borough of Queens, New York.

Art received his degree from Fordham University, which he cherished. He continued his educational pursuits with the Jesuits and eventually received a master’s degree in journalism. His parents took him on a trip across the world, which contributed to the well-rounded education that Arthur received.

Due to the fact that he was a supporter of duty and discipline, Arthur’s father encouraged his son to serve in the United States Air Force. He was released with honor in 1953, holding the rank of Second Lieutenant. Because of his passion for helping others, Arthur was able to secure a position as a congressional attaché. In 1983, he was a part of the process that led to the enactment of the first bottle bill in the state of Massachusetts.

Arthur’s years of service to the New York Times provided ample opportunity for him to demonstrate his expertise in journalism. The stories he told about his life as a newspaper worker in New York City were not only outrageous but also compelling. And Art was just as clever as he was eccentric. His life appeared to be a reversal of the fairy tale Cinderella. It seemed as though Arthur had been liberated by retirement.

After leaving New York City, he traveled by rail to the upstate region of New York, where there were more cows than people at the time. He moved into a house that had been used as a farm house in the past, which meant that it had few facilities and was stuffed with stray cats and dogs. All animals were Arthur’s favorite. During his later years, Arthur was able to experience genuine pleasure by putting aside concerns about fashion, economics, and politics. “Cat Man” was the nickname that was given to him because he would give his last coin to buy liver for any stray animal that came up to him. Melon Head, by far the most popular feline there is.

Throughout the years, Arthur was supported by his close friend Laura Morse, who was a great friend to him. The three friends that Arthur North leaves behind are Judy Piana, Kathy Fox, and (K-2) Kathy Hudson. Arthur North was a straightforward individual. While working at the Office for the Aging, Arthur had a large number of acquaintances who would miss his frequent phone calls to check in with them throughout the day.

Additionally, Arthur desired to express his gratitude to Officer Justin Dibble for their friendship. The desire of Arthur to continue living in his house, surrounded by the things he had accumulated over the course of his life. When he was in his latter years, he took pleasure in the uncomplicated pleasures in life, such as a slice of cheesecake, a bowl of vanilla ice cream, and a decent glass of wine.

The phrase “This life on earth is the temporary zone” and the phrase “I’m not complaining, I’m just commenting” are two examples of the Arthurisms that were created by Arthur Arthur. During the final few months of his “temporary zone,” he spent time with his three pals as well as his new friends at Alpine Rehab, all of whom remained to love Arthur until the end of time. In his final days, Arthur’s roommate Bill, who was always keeping a watchful eye on him, deserves a special level of gratitude.

In the middle of the night on March 25, 2024, Arthur passed away with his robot cat, who he referred to as “the companion of my tranquility,” curled alongside him. The cremation specialists of Mohawk Valley Funerals and Cremations, located at 7507 State Route 5 between Little Falls and St. Johnsville and with a phone number of 315-508-5131, are in charge of his funeral arrangements and are responsible for their direction and care. Services will be held at a time that is convenient for the family, and the final burial will take place in the state of the deceased.

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